Halloween Ghosting: A Tradition in My Town That My Kids LOVE!

Halloween Ghosting: A Neighborhood Tradition

“Boo!! You’ve Been Ghosted!”

This friendly “Ghost” has come your way, now pass 2 more on within 2 days!

Choose two neighbors, friends that will join in! Let the door to door “Ghosting” begin!

You’ll need 2 treat bags and candy for 2, make 2 copies of this letter and 2 Ghosts will do!

Fill a bag with candy and treats. Drop in this letter and the ghost and repeat!

Don’t forget to hang this Ghost upon your front door, if you forget, well, you might get more!

Now wait until the sun goes down and sneak to their porch, looking around!

Set the bag down and ring the door bell, then run away fast and never do tell!

They’ll open the door and find a treat, watch the smile on their face, it’s really quite sweet!

Do this when it’s dark and kids, go with an adult. Leave it on the porch, ring the door bell and run!

The object is not to let anyone know who is Ghosting each other, for fun!

See how many Ghosts pop up on doors before Halloween! To not spread the Ghosts, is frankly, just mean!

Happy Halloween! Let’s start this tradition of “ghosting” in our neighborhood, please join in!

We never had “Ghosting” growing up but it’s a tradition in our neighborhood (once we moved to the suburbs). I love how the kids get in the mood for Halloween and they get another subtle lesson in giving versus receiving. The Ghosting rules say to do this to two others, but sometimes if our particular neighborhood has not be hit hard, we go with the exponential growth factor and ghost at in increments of 3 for each child: 9 or 12 is usually our norm. Sometimes we get just candy. Other times we’ve received candy and small trinkets. It turns out that the kids get most exciting about giving than receiving … and it’s fun to watch them try to sneak in the treat bags without getting caught. Usually, I’m the getaway driver and park one or two houses away.

I like how this particular set of instructions give safety rules! The Ghosting has just begun. We just got hit and now the fun begins! I’ll let you know if we get caught!

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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