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Do You Need a Home Security System?

Do you ever wonder about the value of a home security system versus a sign that says you have a home security system?

Seriously, we happen to have a home security system and we must on the paranoid side because we have the panic buttons on the master bedroom and near the front door for our house and we’ve had a wireless security system for our condo when we lived in the South End of Boston. I guess we are paying for peace of mind.

But do you wonder if there is a thief who is casing the neighborhood what deters them? I’d guess that a sign that you have an actual security system would help. We plaster the decal stickers on our windows and have the small sign in our yard. And I never remove the stickers on my car that indicate that if you, the thief, removes my car radio, good luck in getting it to work unless you know my secret code! Plus I also have a car alarm.

But do these measures work? My car got broken into in front of our house in the middle of the night. Our street is fairly dark now that our town is cutting back on electricity and I don’t think the street lights go on much these days. My husband’s car alarm went off but mine did not. Oops, I forgot to set it. Not much was taken … the thieves were after the small change I keep in my ash tray and they got all of it save for an errant penny and a few dimes. I do keep an emergency $20 for parking and after that incident I hide it better in my car. Apparently there were a rash of these kinds of petty crimes with the thieves actually going into unlocked homes and taking money out of purses left in the foyer hallway. Who leaves their purses out? Well… I do. But my house was locked up.

Security alarm signs and stickers I guess were no deterrent for thieves likely looking for money for drugs plus it was too dark to see them. They were going for speed not accuracy and I think they went up and down streets in the middle of the night looking for an easy buck.

Would security camera systems have helped? I asked a friend that has a security company and he had all kinds of ideas from “trip wires” placed strategically along the hedges that activate alarms to well positioned security cameras.

At the end of the day, we will pay for a sense of security with a fancy alarm system, but it’s our neighbors who are on the lookout for suspicious activity that I suspect keep our street safe. What do you do for security and is the act of doing something making you feel safe?

p.s. If you are a DIY, here’s a place to buy the alarm system stuff to do it yourself!


By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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