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How To: Find Out What Your Child is Doing at School

Spying On Your Kid at School? You too?!!

When you ask your child what he or she did at school, do you ever get a blank stare and the answer, “Nothing.”  Is the answer the same when you ask what he or she learned today?  Or whom he or she played with?  Frustrating?

I got these tidbits from my kindergarten teacher and added some more of my own to sleuth out what my child is doing at school:

  • Visit the classroom now and then — before or after school.
  • Ask your child to give you a tour of the classroom.
  • Volunteer for a field trip and/or regular classroom programs.
  • Volunteer at the school library.
  • When asking your child what she or he did at school, be specific:  writer’s workshop (what did you write about in writer’s workshop today?), must do jobs (class helper?), shared reading, specific centers such as listening center, math, science, blocks, dramatic play, writing and drawing, art, computer and classes with specialists.  This list is for my kindergartener, but you get the idea.
  • Listen for “bits and pieces” at the dinner table, bed time, bath time etc.
  • The commute to and from school can be a great time to ask questions, especially from play dates coming home with you.  They tend to have a wealth of information!
  • Ask your child questions about what he or she mentions and show real interest.
  • Cruise the school hallways to check out student work.  When you spot your child’s work, make positive comments.
  • Refer to the curriculum outline and information sent home in classroom letters to “match up” what your child tells about.
  • Ask another mom in your child’s classroom.  She might get more info from her child especially about who plays with whom.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Angie Atchley

    These are great tips! Thanks! My 4th grader is not very into telling mom about her day! I use a lot of these tactics! lol. Also, I’d add getting the teachers email address. It’s a lot easier than trying to send notes!

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