Happy Roald Dahl Day from My Daughter's 3rd Grade Class

Happy Roald Dahl Day from My Daughter’s 3rd Grade Class

Roald Dahl Day and Our Favorite Roald Dahl Books

Now that my middle daughter is nine-years-old and spent the better part of the year (along with her classmates) voraciously reading Roald Dahl (with me besides her helping out), we both have a much deeper appreciation for Roald Dahl. We told her teacher about Roald Dahl day and she wanted to celebrate it as a classroom special day but unfortunately it was too late in the year at September 13. School has barely begun and the teachers are busy assessing where their students are. Too bad. What are your favorite Roald Dahl Books?

Here’s our new list of favorites:


We find that this chapter book appeals to both boys and girls and is highly, highly recommended by the kids in my daughter’s 3rd grade class.


Kids in her class always comment on how hysterically funny Matilda is.


My daughter wouldn’t put this third, but her classmates love this book. This book was ruined for her because she saw the movie first. The other way around would have been better for her.


You can’t be left hanging after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, now can you?!


George’s Marvelous Medicine is also highly recommended by the kids in her class. She and I thought it was very, very funny too! Afterwards it inspired her to make a big messy mix up of potions and lotions. Fun stuff! It would make for a very fun children’s book club!


This was fun for my daughter and also inspired her to learn to cook. That’s a gift that keeps on giving. It would tie in nicely with George’s Marvelous Medicine too if you are planning a children’s book club or a themed chapter book day at home. Her friend Helena loves this book and made many of the recipes.


We loved this book AND it ties right back to The B.F.G. Nope, not saying how as I don’t want to spoil the surprise tie-in!


My daughter would also recommend this chapter book.


My daughter’s friends liked this book a lot but for some reason, she got scared during the first chapter even though, frankly, it’s no scarier than the giants in The B.F.G. but she never got over it so we never got too far into this book. We’ll try again this year.


This was a very short book that my daughter enjoyed. Sometimes a short book is a nice break!

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Happy Roald Dahl Day from My Daughter's 3rd Grade Class


By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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    My kids love these books, too. A Box set makes a great gift for birthday parties.

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