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Great Reading List for 2nd and 3rd Grade

New Chapter Books for 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade

This is a great reading list from the Newton Free Library system. If you are part of the Minutemen library system, just click on link of book title to reserve. 

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 *1.   Brett, Jan. The Three Little Dassies. (J Folk)


2.   Brown, DonA Wizard from the Start…(JE E24.BR)


3.   Butterworth, Chris. How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?: The Story of Food.  (J 641.3 B98H)


4.   Byars, Betsy, B. Duffey and L. Myers. Cat Diaries: Secret Writings of the MEOW Society (J Beg Chp)


5.   Cronin, DoreenThe Trouble with Chickens: A J.J. Tully Mystery.  (J Beg Chp)


6.   Czekaj, Jef. A Call for a New Alphabet. (J Graphic)


*7.   DiCamillo, Kate and Alison McGheeBink and Gollie. (J Fic)


8.   Engle, MargaritaSummer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria Merian. (J 595.781 E58S)


*9.   Fleming, CandaceClever Jack Takes the Cake. (J Pic)


10.   Friedland, Katy and Marla K. ShoemakerArt Museum Opposites. (J 700 F91A)


*11.  Giff, Patricia Reilly. Number-One Kid. (Zigzag Kids, #1). (J Beg Chp)


12.  Hill, Laban CarrickDave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave. (JE D272.HI)


*13.  Jenkins, SteveBones: Skeletons and How They Work. (J 573.76 J41B)


*14.  Juster, NortonThe Odious Ogre. (J Pic+CD)


15.  Kelly, David AThe Fenway Foul-Up. (Ballpark Mysteries, #1). (J Beg Chp)


*16.  Leedy, LoreenThe Shocking Truth about Energy. (J 333.79 L51S)


17.  McGuiness, DanPilot & Huxley: The First Adventure. (J Graphic)


*18.  MacLachlan, Patricia. Word After Word After Word. (J Fic)


*19.  Munro, Roxie. Ecomazes: Twelve Earth Adventures. (J 577 M92E)


*20.  Prelutsky, JackThe Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns. (J 821 P91C)


21.  Raczka, BobGuyku: A Year of Haiku for Boys. (J 821 R11G)


*22.  Ray, JaneAhmed and the Feather Girl. (J Folk)


*23.  Root, PhyllisBig Belching Bog(J 577.687 R67B [Oversize]) 


24.  Seabrooke, BrendaWolf Pie.  (J Beg Chp) and (J Beg Chp Audiobook)


25.  Stauffacher, SueTillie the Terrible Swede…(JE A551.ST)


*26.  Stevens, Janet.  The Little Red Pen. (J Pic)


27.  Sylvester, Kevin. Splinters: This Girl Needs a Miracle. (J Pic)


28.  Viorst, JudithLulu and the Brontosaurus. (J Beg Chp) and (J Beg Chp Audiobook)


29.  Wallace, RichThe Ball Hogs. (Kickers, #1).  (J Beg Chp)


30.  Yaccarino, Dan. All the Way to America(J Pic)


31.  Ask or National Geographic for Kids. (Magazine)

* Great author who has other good titles.

To view any book more closely at Amazon, please click on image of book. 

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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