math ninja best math fact app iphone ipad pragmaticmom pragmatic mom best apps for multiplication addition subtraction math facts

Best Math Apps for Kids

Math Apps that Teach and Entertain Kids

I do think that math apps for the iPhone/iPad/iPod are a really fun way to learn and practice math. In some ways, very specific apps like the ones from iDevMath can serve as a private tutor for your child, teaching a concept step by step and provide problems for practice.

Other math apps are meant to be really fun and are a way to use gaming to practice math facts. Still others provide an overview, like a Cliff Notes for a math subject. Algebra Boot Camp is not meant to be sexy, but it’s like reading someone’s very good notes for a refresher review. I believe in all of these concepts so I rounded up what I think are the best educational iPad and iPhone apps for kids. Now when your kids use your iPhone, you can feel good about making them math games!

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Really Fun Math Fact iPhone/iPad/iPod Game Apps

Math Ninja (Fun Game for Math Facts: +, -, x, /)

math ninja best math fact app iphone ipad pragmaticmom pragmatic mom best apps for multiplication addition subtraction math facts

My kids think this is a super fun game. They earn points by doing the math facts drills, then use the additional arsenal of weapons that they earned to wipe out the enemies which are robotic animals. Hands down, this is my children’s favorite math app. The math facts will start with addition and you work your way up to subtraction, multiplication and division. You have to type the answer into a number pad so you can’t guess. I like that.

Math Ninja really fun most fun math facts gamer pragmatic mom iphone ipad ipod app


Match-Up Math  (Fun Game for Math Facts: +, -, x, /, fractions/percents/decimals, x and / mixed)

Math Match Up iphone ipad ipod fun math app math facts pragmatic mom pragmaticmom

This is a highly addictive game that pairs math problems with either answers or alternate problems. When you match a pair correctly, there is a lovely xylophone-y sound and those tiles disappear. If you are wrong, you get a clunky musical sound. When you clear a board, you advance a level which is highly motivating for the gamers plus you get enthusiastic clapping and cheering sounds. There are 3 levels of play: easy, medium and difficult.

math match up match-up math pragmatic mom best fun math apps math facts pragmaticmommath match up best fun math app iPhone iPad iPod elementary middle school math fact drill android pragmaticmom PragmaticMom Common  core standards everyday math curriculum


Pop Math Lite (Fun Game for Math Facts: +, -, x, /)

pop math pop balloons to learn math facts pragmatic mom fun math app

What could be more fun than popping virtual balloons? To win, you pop pairs of balloons and practice math facts covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There is a new feature to practice a specific fact family from 2 through 12 which is great because you can isolate the facts your child really needs practice in. For my kids, it’s always the multiplication fact family of times 7. I’m not sure why.

Pop Math really fun math fact game iphone ipad ipod PragmaticMom PragmaticMom

Math A+  (Fun Game for Math Facts: +, -, x, /)

Math A+ iPhone iPad best iphone math app for kids children, pragmaticmom, pragmatic mom

My oldest who doesn’t like math said that this was a good game. She said it like it was a secret that I wasn’t supposed to divulge: “Hey mom, this game is actually fun.” She especially liked the game where you suck the answer through 4 possible tubes that pose the math fact question. There’s a cool sucking noise as the number goes through the tube correctly. I have more details on it here. The nice thing is that there are three games built into this app: number sequence and two games for math facts.

math a plus math a+ fun math app facts pragmaticmom iphone ipad android ipodnumber sequence fun math game math a plus pragmaticmom
math a plus math a+ best fun math apps iphone ipad ipod pragmaticmom pragmatic mom


I Live Math: Speed, Trains, Farm, Oceans. (Math Word Problems)

I really like the I Live Math series because it’s word problems applied to a wide variety of interesting topics. The trouble is that I can’t get my kids to use any of these excellent apps. I think the correct application would be to do this as if it were an assignment. It’s great for home schoolers. It would be a fun way to practice math if your child has a math tutor. It would be great for preventing summer slide or for school year supplementation. But will your kid grab your iPhone and start playing on it without prompting? Yours might. Mine won’t.

ILiveMath Speed math apps word problems best math apps iphone ipad ipod

MathGirl Number Garden (Math Games for Girls: Preschool through 2nd Grade)

This is a very smart app. It was created specifically to appeal to girls with the underlying assumption that girls opt out of math as “something they are not good at,” or “math is perceived as a boy thing.” This app is perfect for preschoolers or kindergarten girls who are working on counting. It’s very sweet and appealing and well worth a few bucks to expose girls to the idea that math is for girls.

math girl math number garden best fun math apps for girls ipod iphone ipad apps pragmaticmom

MathGirl Addition House

This is a pretty iPhone iPad math app for girls to practice addition facts. The incentive is to earn “things” for their playhouse. I love that it’s tailored to girls and that it makes math fact practice fun. Addition problems start off with single digits and work up to speed rounds, double digits, and adding doubles.

I played it with my oldest who is in 6th grade and she used my points to make us a pretty garden with a bunny, dragonfly, butterfly and lots of roses. I can see how it would be really appealing for girls! I was just working on numercy — counting up objects by 5’s and 10’s. Frankly, it’s tough to get the “rabbit” speedy answer! A few of my answers qualified for the “turtle” speed so this is certainly challenging because there is incentive for speed AND accuracy.

Math Girl addition house PragmaticMom fun math fact apps for girls best math apps


DigitZ Lite (Fun Math Game for Math Facts: +. -, x, /)

Digitz lite iphone ipad ipod free fun math app math facts families pragmatic mom pragmatic mom

My kids’ favorite online free web game is exactly like DigitZ, a kind of number stacking game in which you have to get rid of blocks as fast as possible by putting two together to for a different target number. If the number is 8, for example, and the operation is adding, you would try to get these pairs: 8 & 0, 1 & 7, 2 &6, 3 &5, and 4 &4. If the blocks fill a column, game over. We found this to be a really fun and addictive game. The beauty is that your child will really lock down on a particular small set of math facts.

digitz stacking fun math app for single target number pragmatic mom pragmatic iphone ipad ipod


Tutoring iPhone/iPad/iPod Math Apps 

iDevBooks (Math Tutoring  and Practice for Specific Math Concepts)

These apps are like having a private tutor go over a very specific concept with your child. My oldest had trouble the understanding the concept of carry subtraction and long division. She’s a visual learner and needs to understand the basis of the concept and can’t or won’t do the operation in a rote step-by-step way unless she knows why she’s is doing this.

Trade First Subtraction

It’s probably not a coincident that Esa Heltulla, the developer of iDevBooks, is from Finland (a country that routinely scores the highest in math and literacy out of every country in the world!). This app helped my daughter to routinely ask: DO YOU NEED TO BORROW? And that is the most important question of all when it comes to subtraction!
Trade First Subtraction Esa Heltulla PragmaticMom Pragmatic Mom carry subtraction best apps iphone ipad math

Long Division

I find long division to be easy to demonstrate but difficult to explain conceptually. I think this is why kids have trouble with it. This app demonstrates in a color coded way that breaks long division down step by step. I that really helps!

Long Division math app itunes ipad iphone best Pragmatic Mom PragmaticMom





Lattice (Matrix) Multiplication

My kids do Everyday Math at school which introduces Lattice or Matix multiplication. I am old school so I do multi-column multiplication the “regular” way and I can’t fathom this method. I’d use this app to help my 3rd grader if she struggled with it.

best math apps for kids students elementary school lattice matrix multiplication pragmaticmom pragmatic mom






He has many more math apps. Many of these correspond to the Everyday Math  Curriculum.


Fractions App

There are a lot of apps for math facts but not so many for fractions and this app does a great job of teaching fractions in a fun and visual way. Even though fractions is a 3rd through 5th grade concept depending on level of difficulty, I could definitely have my first grader use it to get an intuitive feel for fractions. And he would too, because this reads as a game.

best app ipod ipad iphone math app fractions pragmaticmom fun math app



Kids Time Fun

I find that reading analog time is confusing to kids, even when you use that plastic clock with the hands that swirl around. This app focuses on problems figuring out time after or before a particular interval of time as well as just telling the time on the clock.

best telling time iphone ipad app for kids children elementary school students pragmaticmom pragmatic momtelling time kids fun time pragmaticmom best app iphone ipad ipod for teaching analog telling time



Algebra Boot Camp

This is not a sexy or fun iPad app but it’s a workhorse that is like having the best notes in class summarized down like a Cliffs Notes but for Algebra. As a textbook, it’s portable with great examples and can be used for additional help when a concept is confusing.

Algegra Bootcamp Ipad app review PragmaticMom PragmaticMom


Algebra  Touch


This is not a sexy app: what you see below is what you get, but it teaches the basic concepts of Algebra without making the user do the math calculations. I think this is a clever move. Algebra is abstract stuff and I know that it confuses the heck out of my sixth grader.  For example, this app teaches a simplified version of Order by Operation (i.e. first you multiply or divide THEN you add or subtract). I had forgotten all about that. As you do a problem, it works you through what operation goes first but it does the calculation for you which is gratifying and allows you to concentrate on the concept while not getting bogged down getting the final numerical answer. For a child who might need high level concept review but really does not like math, this is PERFECT!

I am afraid that the screen shots provided don’t do the app justice. It does a lot of algebra tutoring for a mere $2.99. I will get my oldest to check it out and will report back. This might require some arm twisting and bribery.

Algebra Touch best math apps for middle school high school PragmaticMom math apps iphone ipad ipod that tutor
algebra touch best iphone ipad android math app for middle school high school algebra students who hate math kids


Kids Math Fun (by grade)

This iPhone/iPad/iPod app is basically flashcards but it’s organized by grade level.

First Grade Example:

Kids Fun Math Kids Math Fun iphone ipad math app pragmaticmom pragmatic mom

To view any math app in iTunes, please click on icon.

To Everyone Who Has Contacted Me to Review An App:

I haven’t been posting on iPad/iPhone apps for a while. It’s funny how something very simple can trip you up. My kids and I were downloading scores of apps onto my iPhone. I would try out education apps like eBooks and math apps. My kids, particularly my gaming youngest, loaded my phone up with Angry Birds, Doodle Jump and others that make a lot of noise. I’m not sure if it was husband who was annoyed by the mounting charges or if a child of mine accidentally changed the password, but suddenly none of us knew how to get into my account. It would seem like a simple thing to reset the password, but none of us seemed to manage this, and my kids were actually quite motivated. We also seemed to have problems with the WinZip which I have no idea why it’s necessary but one day stopped working, required an upgrade to professional which cost money, but even when I was prepared to pay, told me that our systems were incompatible. Indeed we are!

It got worse. I drowned my iPhone in my purse. Who knew my purse had a waterproof liner? My son’s completely full water bottle leaked directly into my purse and it took less than 15 minutes to short it out. When I couldn’t access my iTunes account (which I desperately needed to access my gmail contacts so that I wouldn’t have to enter them all again), I set up a new account. Now the computer won’t let me access the old account, even if I can reset the password. To sort this out properly, I’d have to bring in my computer to the Apple Store. I work off a desktop computer so that is not happening!

When I finally managed to synch our shared Google Calendar, and get my 3 gmail accounts to work on my iPhone, my iPhone was wiped clean of most of the zillions of apps previously cluttering it up. My youngest was not happy with his limited choices but the good news is that my phone is less sought after by my kids.

Well, it’s a new school year so I am going to try again with the apps. Many people have contacted me to review their app and these emails went into an email account labeled “Apps to Review” but was actually a kind of black hole. Sorry about that. I will try a little harder! I do really want to blog on the best educational apps for kids, especially for kids iphone! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


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