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Getting Rid of Lice

Thank you to Capability:Mom for sending me this video  from The Wall Street Journal on Remedies for Getting Rid of Head Lice.  I hope you are not battling lice, but if you are, please watch this helpful video to get a great overview of your options.

These are your choices to battle lice:

  • Lice shampoos (though I personally don’t recommend them because they are only 50% effective).  She says it only kills live lice so you need repeat to kill newly hatched eggs.  The plastic lice comb in the lice shampoo box also is not very good.  This treatment requires hours of removing nits (eggs) which I totally agree with.
  • Natural remedies she found online include the Cetaphil method.  I haven’t tried that but some friends have and it does work.  I prefer the Olive Oil treatment — same principle but easier to do.
  • Lice comb.  She held the Terminator Comb which I also really like.  This method basically has you removing live lice and eggs; it requires constant checks and thoroughness so it’s time-consuming.
  • Electronic Lice Comb.  I also like the Robi Comb in combination with the Olive Oil treatment.  She didn’t mention it but it’s an electronic lice comb that zaps lice dead.  It doesn’t kills the eggs so you still have to remove them but if you have missed an egg or two which is easy to do, you run the Robi Comb every day for about a month in your child’s head and it’s a faster way to do an effective lice check (and it kills newly hatched lice on contact).
  • She recommends frequent lice checks as a preventative measure.  I totally agree.  Some moms do it once a week after a bath.  I wish I did this but I don’t but I look carefully whenever I see anything white and suspicious looking in my kids’ hair.  They hate it when I do that.

I have my own take on what to do to detect and kill lice after two battles of my own and I have posted on it here.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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