Summer Math Slide? Time to Take Action!

 Math Milestones of Concepts that Build

These are the areas that milestones for kids to master.

a)  Math Facts for 4th Graders – Difficulty in understanding division leads to challenges with understanding factors and fractions, key to middle school math.  Weakness if these areas result in the student not getting most algebra concepts.

b)  Fractions and Ratios in Middle School – A weak foundation in this area leads to basic foundation weakness, and difficulty with Algebra concepts.

c)  Algebra Foundation – Basic Equations and Inequalities – needed as a core foundation for all college level math.


My Dad Friend from The Sherpa Report introduced me to a Dad Friend of his in our town who has a math online tutoring company called TenMarks.  I met with both founders a few weeks later and they were kind enough to give me a detailed demo plus provide me with codes to try it out.

What I really like about the TenMarks Program is that it is a manageable program for moms and dads who don’t feel confident tutoring their children in math.  In my case, I feel like ” Good Mommy” when I am working my kids through their workbooks (my going-into-5th grader is doing Daily Math Problems for Grade 5, my going-into-3rd grader is doing Daily Math Problems for Grade 3, and my going-into-Kindergartener is doing Singapore Math 1B) so this is probably not a system I will use this summer.  But I like doing math with my kids.

But this is not always the case for everyone.  My dear friend, Yoga Mom, that I met at first preschool does not feel comfortable doing 5th grade math.  Period.  Math is not her thing.  Her oldest gets tutoring at school during the school year but she does not have a private tutor during the summer so this is a program that would work really well for her — more on her story later as I am asking her to test it out.

And yet, math summer slide is real.  Kids forget math facts and math concepts during the summer that have to be reviewed at the start of the school year.  If they did not get  solid understanding before the summer, the fall review will whiz by over their heads and they will not feel confident in their math ability.  That’s not good, particularly for girls.  Math is just like learning a sport; you have to practice, practice, practice to gain competency.  If you take 3 months off, you will be rusty.  It’s better to do a little every week to reinforce what they know and forge a few steps ahead so that when your child hits new concepts in late fall, they will be familiar and your child’s hand will shoot up in class to participate.

So, this is what I have discovered about TenMarks:

  • Their program is set to state standards so it will differ by state to match what your state is testing on.
  • Their program is customizable to your child to give extra practice in areas when needed.
  • Tutoring is built into 10 problem worksheets to be done daily.  If your child is confused by the problem, s/he can hit the “Hints” button to get some clues on how to approach the problem.  If this is not enough, your child can hit the “Video” button to get a demonstration on how to solve the problem.
  • Additional worksheets and games are available if your child wishes.
  • There is an incentive system built-in.  You decide the prize and a thermometer will show your child where they are in relationship to their goal.

It’s actually a very thorough, complete program.

TenMarks is currently running an August Special for $19.99 for a 1-month program that is structured to review core math concepts from the previous year.  Click here for more.  (It’s actually on their home page).

If you want more details on what the Core Concepts are by Grade, please read below.

Let me know by leaving a comment on what you are doing to prevent Summer Slide.  Is it working?  Are there any tricks or tips to get your child to do summer math homework?  Please share!

TenMarks Core Concept Review

Math Facts and Number Operations

The math facts and number operations program for elementary school covers core concepts of math.

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication Concepts
  • Division Concepts
  • Basics of Fractions and Decimals

Core Concepts: Fractions, Decimals, and Ratios

This core concepts program for elementary school expands basic math facts to include fundamental concepts such as fractions, decimals, operations and applications.

  • Fractions and Operations
  • Decimals and Operations
  • Number Applications
  • Ratios and Percents

Advanced Concepts: Relating Math to the Real World

This advanced concepts program pushes young minds to learn more. The program covers new, interesting concepts, which allow students to enhance their grasp of math, and enables them to confidently move ahead.

  • Order of Operations
  • Simple Expressions and Equations
  • Figures and Geometry including Measurement
  • Probability and Data

Foundations for Middle School Math

This program enables students to get a strong foundation for middle school math.

  • Number Operations
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Integers and Algebra
  • Basics of Geometry

Number Sense, Fractions, Ratios and Percents

This number sense, fraction, ration and percents program for middle school covers the core concepts required for higher level math, and builds a strong foundation in basic math.

  • Numbers and Operations
  • Fraction and Decimal Operations
  • Ratios and Percents
  • Number Sense Applications

Fundamentals of Geometry for Middle School

The fundamentals of geometry program for middle school enables students to gain an in-depth understanding of geometry concepts.

  • Geometric Figures and Relationships
  • Congruence, Symmetry and Transformations
  • Area and Volume
  • Tools of Measurement

Algebra Concepts for Middle School

The algebra concepts program for middle school introduces fundamental algebra topics to students.

  • Variables and Expressions
  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Functions and Sequences
  • Fundamentals of Polynomials

Step Up to Algebra 1

This TenMarks step up program covers the essential concepts for students that are about to take Algebra 1 and for students that could use a refresher.

  • Expressions, Equations and Inequalities
  • Functions, Graphs and Sequences
  • Linear and Quadratic Functions
  • Applying Algebraic Systems

Get Started with High School Algebra

This program helps students develop a strong foundation in Algebra. Students get familiarized with and learn to use the tools of algebra in a variety of applications.

  • Exponents, Expressions, and Equations
  • Proportions and Formulas
  • Function Types and Properties
  • Graphs and Models of Functions

Advanced Algebra Concepts

This advanced algebra program for high school empowers students with advanced topics in algebra.

  • Exponents, Expressions, and Equations
  • Function Types and Properties
  • Graphs and Models of Functions
  • Linear, Quadratic, Exponential, Logarithmic, Radical and Rational Models

Step Up to Algebra 2

This TenMarks step up program covers the essential concepts for students that are about to take Algebra 2 and for students that could use a refresher.

  • Function Types, Concepts and Graphing
  • Polynomials and Equations
  • Linear, Quadratic, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Modeling and Analysis of Functions and Graphs

Get Started with High School Geometry

This program helps students get a strong foundation in geometry. Students get familiarized with and learn to use the tools of geometry in a variety of applications.

  • Geometric Figures and Relationships
  • Measurement Tools and Methods
  • Area, Perimeter, Volume – Spatial Reasoning
  • Congruence, Similarity, Transformations and Symmetry

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Sandys

    Children need their own space so that they can explore their talent and creativity. We, the parents should always stand beside to help them learning different things. We should teach them different subjects in different innovative ways so that they love to learn them.
    Parents, especially mother is the best teacher in a child’s life. The way, she can guide a child, no other can! However, sometimes, it becomes hard for the parents to help children doing homework. In that case, they can take advantage of online tutoring services like

  2. Terry VanNoy

    Fantastic breakout of the TenMarks curriculum! I appreciate the detailed analysis of the program, and have heard similar praise from several home school families I am in contact with. One note: I always encourage families to embed algebra at early ages, as soon as students can count and do elementary operations . . . see my article here if you are interested in a teaching sequence.
    Also, when I work with students in Geometry concepts, I like to use several programs that can visually help teach the proofs of properties . . .
    Do a google search on “Geometer’s Sketchpad” and “GeoGebra”

  3. This is a great review — thanks for stopping by my blog and directing me to it! I really want to get my oldest doing Get Started with Geometry.

    I wanted it already from their website. You make it worse… LOL!

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