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Backpack That Gives Back

Backpacks that Teach Charity to Kids

My friend Capability:Mom sent this to me because I had asked her about where to shop for a backpack. She is nice like that and not only keeps track of things like that but sends along helpful links.

My kids object to having the same exact stuff as everyone else. I guess they are afraid that their friend will be mad if they “copy.” Then, there is also the need to have something new, different and cool. It’s the new something borrowed, something blue.

What I really like about these backpacks from Schoolbags for Kids is that for every tote you buy from the newly launched company, the founders donate a pack full of school supplies to a child in Belize, India, or Thailand. My kids love the idea of helping others and it’s nice that they can do it simply by the choice of their backpacks because donating their hair which is also what they like to do takes two years.

The backpacks are from and are $55. Going back to school has never felt so good!


By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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