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Wonderful Comprehensive Pop Up Mythology Book: Encyclopedia Mythologica (for ages 5-15)

Mythology Pop Up Book for Kids

I knew my going-int0-5th grader would LOVE this book even though it is not a chapter book so when she complained about not having anything to read, I quickly ordered this online. When it came, she snatched it up, disappeared for a few hours and then thanked me for it. She did love it!

Robert Sabuda is the brains behind the popular pop up books series co-authored with Matthew Reinhart. My neighbor is best friends with him and he is like a godfather to her two boys. She tells me that this series, henceforth, will be solely authored by Sabuda … it turns out the partnership which was in real life as well as on the book front, did not work out. Not to worry though, Sabuda plans to continue authoring solo. Phew! And she says that he’s the brains behind the series.

gods and heroes, gods and heros, mythology books, mythology pop up book, books for kids,

Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods & Heroes
 by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda [non fiction pop up books for ages 5-15]

Encylopedia Mythologica covers Ancient Egyptian gods as well as the more famous Greek and Roman gods. The book also covers Norse, Middle Eastern and Native American gods. Like the other books in the series, the pop ups are magnificent and there are pop up pages-within-pages chock full of interesting stories and factoids.

What I love about this book series (and I own lots of them) is that it entertains at many levels — younger kids will love the pop ups and may only want to read selectively, and older kids can absorb a lot of information by exploring the smaller pop up pages. This is a great non fiction book for reluctant readers and Middle School kids since 6th grade typically covers Greek Mythology. at least in our district. Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicle fans will also enjoy this book and will be able to place the mythology knowledge that they have gleaned into a broader context.

These are other favorite Sabuda books we own that my little son likes:

This would appeal to girls:

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


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