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Things Dogs Eat That Will Kill Them: Raisins, onions, etc…

Food That Can Kill Dogs

We got the most adorable puppy two months ago.  He’s a Golden Retriever and he is a sweet bundle of love.  We had endless family meetings to pick a name and the only one that everyone agreed upon was Wally, so he’s named after the Red Sox mascot. Read more…

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Evolution Action Sports Camp

Zen Sports Camp for Kids

My Mom Friend Lynn told me about a unique and wonderful sports camp called Evolution Action Sports Training Center that combines skateboard ramps with trampolines and non-competitive but really fun sports games. It’s non competitive and her son’s favorite part is when they sit around in a circle and share. They talk about recycling, how to be a good friend, and feng shui. Doesn’t it sound Zen? Read more…

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Top 10: Best Travel Memoirs

Best Armchair Travel Memoirs

The list is actually The 100 Most Celebrated Travel Books of All Time and it’s here. Given that my “second act” is 12 years away, I am just going to try to read the first 10 books which I am surprised to find that I have read NONE of them!! Read more…

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Partnered Reading Tutorial for Getting Reluctant Readers to Read

Shared Reading to Get Reluctant Readers Reading

This is a great blog post on Partnered Reading to encourage your reluctant reader to read from Practical Pages.  She also gives some great resources if you need further advice. Read more…

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Best Children’s Books To Teach Green

Books for Kids that Teach Environmental Responsibility

The Green Earth Lit award is sponsored by the Newton Marasco Foundation for books that either promote an inspired understanding of the environment, an awareness of environmental issues, or a celebration of nature; encourage the concept of environmental stewardship and the role each of us can play in nurturing, protecting, and defending our environment; and with environmental issues that are current and accurately portrayed. What are your favorite Green Earth picture, chapter or YA books? Please share! Read more…

Caught in the act of reading in blow up bubble pragmatic mom

Caught in the Act … of READING!

Kids Caught in the Act of Reading

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures. The pictures for this week are AMAZING starting off with a new blow up toy that my Mom Friend Melissa just got. It was very time-consuming to inflate it, she tells me, but I think it’s well worth it as a very cool reading nook! What do you think? Read more…

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Argentina: kids books, artisans, and gauchos

Argentina for Kids with Books, Crafts and Culture

We travel this week to Argentina.  Why? Well, our Spanish tutor is from Argentina and my middle daughter made a new and lovely friend whose family also hails from Argentina.  When I think of Argentina, the first thing I think of is beef but there is more to Argentina than just cattle. I wanted to explore the gauchos (Argentinean cowboys) and indigenous people so that is what I dug around for.  I hope you enjoy this armchair family trip to Argentina.  Bienvenidos!  Welcome! Read more…

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Help Kids Get Smart About Money though Texting!

Teach Kids Financial Literacy through Texting

This hilarious post is from Susan Beacham, a financial literacy expert, author, columnist, and translator of “text speak.” She advises teaching kids about financial education and comes at it in an effective but usual way: text it to them! What a great idea for middle school kids and older!! If you want to sneak some “valuable life lessons” into this summer’s curriculum, try this! Your kid will think you are nutty but cool! And for those of us just learning to teen text-speak, she has a handy glossary at the bottom. TG (Thank God!).
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Go The F**k to Sleep: Two Takes on Parenting

Adult Picture Book for New Parents

Getting kids to sleep is such a politically charged topic for parents. There are the co-sleepers who are vehemently opposed by the Independent Sleepers. Caught in the middle? The parents who get no sleep and still have to function the next day. Read more…