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Safest Sunscreen for Kids and Adults

Best and Safest Sunscreen

The FDA is coming out with new guidelines on sunscreen but the big news is that many ingredients used in sunscreens are associated with adverse health effects in animal studies including increased risk of skin cancers. Ironic, no? I searched around and found a list of sunscreens from reputable sources including Consumer Reports, Dagmar’s Momsense, and the Environmental Working Group’s 2011 Sunscreen study which is widely quoted. All images are linked to Amazon if you want to check out prices (prices so tend to vary on Amazon which is why I don’t list them).

Summer is finally here and we’ll all be needing sunscreen and lots of it and the FDA Guidelines will stress how no sunscreen is water proof and needs to be applied frequently.


Consumer Reports

Almost every sunscreen tested by Consumer Reports Health contains some ingredients associated with adverse health effects in animal studies. Oxybenzone and other endocrine disruptors may interfere with hormones in the body, and nanoscale zinc oxide and titanium oxide are linked to problems such as potential reproductive and developmental effects.  Retinyl palmitate (listed among inactive ingredients), a type of topical vitamin A, is an antioxidant that animal studies have linked to increased risk of skin cancers.  In skin, it converts readily to retinoids, which have been associated with a risk of birth defects in people using acne medications that contain them.  As a precaution, pregnant women may want to avoid sunscreens with retinyl palmitate.  Some examples of top performing sunscreens that do not contain retinyl palmitate include Up & Up Sport SPF 30 and Equate Baby SPF 50.

Up & Up Sport SPF 30 (Target)- Spray

No-Ad with Aloe and Vitamin E SPF 45 – Lotion

Equate Baby SPF 50 – Lotion

My Derm, Krauss Dermatology,  has a great post on sunscreen.  She recommends:

Blue Lizard Sensitive Skin and Blue Lizard Baby

SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense

Vanicream Sunscreen SPF 30

Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion SPF 60

Elta UV Shield SPF 45

Coppertone Kids Sunscreen Lotion


Dagmar’s Momsense

“I looked up the best option for sunscreen I can wear under makeup, and I have been wearing Keys Soap Solar Rx Cosmetic Moisturizing Sunblock, SPF 30 ever since,

and for my son I like Episencial Sunny Sunscreen, SPF 35.”


EWG (Environmental Working Group) 2011 Sunscreen Report

My derm recommends SPF 30.

Product and Score
Alba Botanica
Sun: Mineral Sunscreen Fragrance Free, SPF 30
Sun: Mineral Sunscreen Kids, SPF 30
All Terrain
Aquasport Performance Sunscreen, SPF 30
TerraSport Performance Sunscreen, SPF 30
KidSport Performance Sunscreen, SPF 30
Aubrey Organics
Natural Sun Sport Stick Unscented Sunscreen, SPF 30
Natural Sun Unscented Sensitive Skin/Children Sunscreen, SPF 30+
Natural Sun Saving Face Sunscreen, SPF 15
Baby Natural Protection Mineral Block Face Stick, SPF 50
Cover Up Baby Sunscreen for Face & Body, Fragrance Free, SPF 50+
Cover Up Baby Sunscreen Stick, Fragrance Free, SPF 50
product image babyUV/kidsUV inc.
kidsUV Natural Sunscreen Pink, SPF 30
Sunscreen, Unscented, SPF 30+
Baby Sunscreen, SPF 30+
Sunscreen, Lightly Scented Lavender, SPF 30+
Sunscreen Face Stick, Unscented, SPF 30+
Sunscreen, Lightly Scented Lavender, SPF 15
Beyond Coastal
Natural Clear, SPF 30
Kids Natural, SPF 30
Lip and Face Screen, SPF 30
Natural, SPF 30
Blue Lizard
Australian Suncream, Sensitive, SPF 30+
Baby Australian Suncream, SPF 30+
California Baby
No Fragrance Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30+
No Fragrance Sunblock Stick, SPF 30+
Everyday/Year-Round Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30+
Summer Blend Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30+
Everyday/Year-Round Sunblock Stick, SPF 30+
No Fragrance Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 18
Everyday/Year-Round Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 18
Caribbean Solutions
Natural/Biodegradable SolGuard, SPF 25
Sol Kid Kare Natural Sunscreen, SPF 25
Climb On!
Mineral Sunblock, SPF 30
MineralBaby Moisturizer Suncare, Unscented, SPF 45
Baby Unscented Natural Mineral Sunblock, SPF 45
Body Unscented Natural Mineral Sunblock, SPF 30
Sport Citrus Mimiosa Natural Mineral Sunblock, SPF 30+
Face Matte Finish Cucumber Natural Mineral Sunblock, SPF 30
Doctor T’s Supergoop!
Quickstick, SPF 30
Sunscreen Swipes for Sensitive Skin, SPF 30
Earth’s Best
Earth’s Best: Sunblock Mineral Based, SPF 30+
product image Eco Skin Care
Eco Face, SPF 30+
Eco Baby, SPF 30+
Eco Body, SPF 30+
Elemental Herbs
Sunscreen Sport, SPF 20
Kids Sunscreen, SPF 20
SUNSTICK Zinc Sunscreen, Unscented, SPF 30
Sunscreen Sport, Tinted, SPF 22
SUNSTICK Zinc Sunscreen – Coconut, SPF 30
UV Clear, SPF 46
UV Sport, SPF 50
EpionceEpionce Ultra Shield Lotion, SPF 50
Sunny Sunscreen, SPF 35
product image Esse
Sunscreen, SPF 25
Cotz Face Cotz Sensitive Skin Sunscreen, SPF 40
Glacier Creme Naked Protection, SPF 30+
Block Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 40
Goddess Garden
Baby All Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+
Kids Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+
Facial Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+
Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+
product image Healing-Scents
Live Long Sunscreen, SPF 25

Jason Natural Cosmetics
Sunbrellas: MINERAL Natural Sunblock, SPF 30
john masters organics Natural Mineral, SPF 30
product image Kabana Skin Care
Green Screen Organic Sunscreen Fragrance Free, SPF 20
Green Screen Organic Sunscreen, Skin Tone Tinted, SPF 22
product image Karen’s Botanicals
Simple Sunblock Lotion, Unscented, SPF 30
product image Kasia Beautiful Health Skincare
Good Day Sunshine, SPF 30
Sunscreen Ointment with pure Zinc oxide, SPF 30
Kiss My Face
100% Natural Blue Sun Stick, SPF 30
100% Natural White Sun Stick, SPF 30
100% Natural Pink Sun Stick, SPF 30
product image L’uvalla Certified Organic
Sunscreen Face/Body, SPF 20
La Roche-Posay
Anthelios 40 Sunscreen Cream
Sunblock Baby and Children, SPF 30
Little Forest
Sunscreen Lotion For Babies and Kids, SPF 30+
Loving Naturals
Sunscreen, SPF 30+
Sunscreen Stick, SPF 30+
Marie Veronique Organics
Kid Safe Screen, SPF 25
product image Maui Natural Organics
Maui Naturals Natural Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30
Surfer Honey Natural Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30
Surfer Honey Natural Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 15
Maui Naturals Natural Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 15
SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum UVA-UVB Sunscreen
SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum UVA-UVB Sunscreen
SPF 40 Broad Spectrum UVA-UVB Sunscreen
SPF 40 Broad Spectrum UVA-UVB Sunscreen
Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen, Tinted Gel, SPF 30+
MelanSol Natural Sunscreen for Face and Body, SPF 25
Mexitan Products
Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50
Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30
Reflect Outdoor Balm, SPF 15
MISSION Skincare
Mission Skincare Anti-Sting Facestick Sunscreen, SPF 30+
Sun Cream for Sensitive Areas, SPF 50
Nature’s Gate
Mineral Sportblock, SPF 20
Mineral Kid’s block, SPF 20
product image Neal’s Yard Remedies
Lavender Sunscreen, SPF 22
Novena Maternal Skin Care
Organic Anti-Aging Mineral Sunblock, SPF 30
product image Own
Active Sun Ball Sunblock, SPF 30
Invisible Face and Body Block Lotion, SPF 30
product image Poofy Organics
“The” Sunscreen, SPF 30
Purple Prairie Botanicals
SunStuff, SPF 30
Sun Stick, SPF 30
Raw Elements USA
Skin QR Organics
L’air du Soleil, SPF 50
L’air du Soleil, SPF 30
product image SkinTx
Physical Facial Block, SPF 30
Zinc Sun Protection Cream, SPF 38
Soleil Organique
Soleil Organique 100% Mineral Sunblock for Body, SPF 45
product image Sun Bunnies
100% All Natural Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30
product image Sun Putty
Face, SPF 30
Dora the Explorer Pink Sunscreen, SPF 30
Suntegrity Skincare
All Natural Moisturizing Body Protection, SPF 30
product image sunumbra
natural sunscreen organic ingredients, SPF 30
Sweetsation Therapy
Sun’n’Berry Fun Organic Baby Sunscreen, SPF 50+
product image The Green Beaver Company
Green Beaver Company Certified Organic Kids Non-whitening Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30
Safe Sunscreen, SPF 30+
LIVESTRONG sunscreen , SPF 30+
Tropical Sands
All Natural Sunscreen, SPF 50
All Natural Face Stick, SPF 30
All Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30
True Natural Cosmetics
All Natural Sunscreen, SPF 40
New Sunny Days Mineral All Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+
TruKid Sunny Days Water Resistant Unscented Mineral Face & Body Stick, SPF 35+
TruKid Sunny Days Water Resistant Unscented mineral Sunscreen, SPF 30+
TruKid Sunny Days Sport Water Resistant Sunscreen, SPF 30+
TruKid Sunny Days SPORT Unscented, Water Resistant Stick, SPF 35+
Sunny Days Unscented Water Resistant Sunscreen Stick, SPF 35+
UV Natural
Sunscreen, SPF 15
Baby Sunscreen, SPF 30+
Sunscreen, SPF 30+
Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin, SPF 30
Sunscreen Sport, SPF 35


By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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