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Gadget to Keep Kids From Falling Out Windows

Window Safety Gadget

Thank goodness the heat wave has passed here in New England. With a heat index of over 110 degrees this past week, the heat was unbearable and the air stifling. It seems we New Englanders always have our windows closed between the bitter cold and the sweltering heat. Finally, some respite this week. I have kept the windows open throughout the house today to air it out and that reminded me of the nice people at Andersen Windows who offered to do a giveaway for a window gadget that keeps kids from falling out and hurting themselves.

The Giveaway

The giveaway is 2 white locks worth $50!!!

Window opening control device kits are available in two colors (White or Stone). The retail cost is $25 per lock.


It works on these Anderson Windows:
Window opening control devices are now available for use with the following Andersen® Double-Hung windows:

400 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Windows

400 Series Woodwright®
Double-Hung Insert Windows

400 Series Woodwright
Double-Hung Full-Frame Windows

200 Series Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Windows

200 Series Narroline® Double-Hung Windows

A-Series Double-Hung Windows

Here’s How to Win

Just leave a comment.


If you don’t win but want to find out where to purchase this safety kit, contact your Andersen dealer or call 1-877-835-9090 for more information.

Details of Product

·  Limits opening to less than 4 inches

·  Product designed to meet ICC building codes

·  Quick, easy release allows for  emergency escape

·  Window opening control devices for Andersen® double-hung windows in 400 Series, 200 Series and A-Series product lines


A Handy Graphic

Operational Details

The window opening control device kit includes a right and left device.
They are installed on both sides of the sash and limit the opening of the venting window to less than 4” when the sash is first opened.
Release of the devices allows the sash to be further opened for full sash ventilation and/or emergency escape and rescue.
The window opening control devices automatically reset when the sash is returned to its fully closed position.
 Hardware – Window Opening Control Device Safety Information [9023941] Hardware – Window Opening Control Device Installation Guide [9021977]



Safety Program

LookOut for Kids®  is a free program with tools for teaching  both adults and kids about window and patio door safety. To order brochures and materials

 Write us:
Andersen Corporation,
LookOut For Kids
100 Fourth Avenue North
Bayport, MN 55003
Call us:
1-800-313-8889E-mail us:


By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Warren Young

    This looks great. I installed Anderson Double-hung windows through out our house before kids. Now we have a set of twin boys, who are fascinated by our windows. I have been looking for a elegant way to fix the lack of a locking device. I have tried suction cups, wedges and I almost drilled holes in the sash to put in pins. But it looks like Anderson has solved my issue. Is this contest still on? Thank you, Warren

  2. Erik

    As a healthcare provider I understand the need for. Window safety. When choosing a window for our new home I was unaware that windows would not have safety locks. Our previous windows from a rival company included them. I would love to try them !!! Thanks. Erik

  3. Richard Norton

    I have all Anderson windows and two Anderson patio doors in my home. I have been looking for a window security / safety lock for some of my windows. This seems to be the answer. I would also like one for the patio doors that is recommended by Anderson. Look forward to installing them in my home. You have a first class product. Thanks for the time and be well. Rich

  4. Francis L. Castagna

    I have been looking for something just like this that would be a helpfull safety device for my family

    I am interested in the giveaway.

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