Caught in the act of reading in blow up bubble pragmatic mom

Caught in the Act … of READING!

Kids Caught in the Act of Reading

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures. The pictures for this week are AMAZING starting off with a new blow up toy that my Mom Friend Melissa just got. It was very time-consuming to inflate it, she tells me, but I think it’s well worth it as a very cool reading nook! What do you think?

Please send me photos. I have a new email address which I hope is more memorable: PragmaticMomBlog (at) gmail (dot) com.

I hope you are all having a wonderful and relaxing summer!

My Mom Friend Melissa sent me these cool pictures saying, “Here is the new toy…great place for reading apparently…”

Caught in the act of reading in blow up bubble pragmatic mom

caught in the act of reading blow up bubble pragmatic mom

I have the advantage of a bigger photo so I was able to identify the younger sister reading Little Bear’s Visit and I’m pretty sure Melissa’s older daughter who is going into 3rd grade is reading an A to Z Mystery. Exactly which one is an actual mystery to me though.Melissa wrote in to tell me the book: Who Pooped in the Park ? by Gary Robson

Here are her daughters again reading together in a display of sisterly love. So cute!

Caught in the Act of reading sisterly love PragmaticMom

Caught in the Act of Reading sisters reading together PragmaticMom PragmaticMom
This is from Jill of Moms Gone Global (Two Moms Blog from Different Continents to Share and Compare Their Journeys as They Endeavor to Raise Globally-Enlightened Kids), “I’ve attached a photo I snapped yesterday.  We had just left the library and my little bibliophile was engrossed in one of his science-related selections.”
Caught in the Act of Reading with sunglasses cool kid Pragmatic Mom
To view any book more closely at Amazon, please click on image of book.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Melissa Boucher

    Hi Mia-

    Glad you like the pics! Thought you should know the book they are reading together is “Who Pooped in the Park” written by Gary Robson. Mimi & Papa brought it to the girls from Yellowstone National Park. I hate to say but it is one of Syd’s favorite books.

    • To Melissa,
      Thanks for pictures. They are amazing and inspiring! I think all kids would love to read inside your bubble. Thanks for the book ID. I will update my post!

  2. I love the reading bubble! It is so sweet to see siblings bond with books!

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