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3 Movies to Bring if Stranded on an Desert Island With Your 3 Kids and Husband

Best Movies to Rent for Families

I am doing a BlogFrog summer sweepstakes blog tour on behalf of RedBox and it’s made me think about movies which has been fun because I haven’t watched a movie in a while. On long car trips, we let our kids play a DVD in the SUV so my husband and I THINK we’ve watched a movie when, in actuality, we’ve only listened to it about 9 times without any visuals. Strangely satisfying though.

I just had a discussion with a Dad Friend of three kids at our elementary school and we both agreed that even going to a matinee with family costs upwards of $80. He told me about the last drive in movie theater in Mendon, Massachusetts  and it sounded like an iconic summer family outing. I hope there are no bugs though. I hate the biting bugs. Realistically though, we are going to be renting movies more often than viewing them from our car though we will try to make out there once this summer. Being stuck in the car with biting bugs for two back-to-back movies can’t be as bad as being stuck on a desert island, right?

Speaking of desert island with my three kids and husband, I was thinking that this could be hell or a teachable moment! I vote for a teachable moment. Perhaps if we are all working away on projects that will help us to survive and get rescued, we might actually survive and not kill each other.

My kids LOVE Madagascar and they don’t seem to tire of it. I thought we could take a lesson from Marty the zebra on How to Survive On a Desert Island in Style.  That “insta-tiki hut” is a pretty neat trick! Alex the Lion takes a more realistic stand but he’s not as much fun. Still, creating a rescue message via rocks or smoke is a good idea! We need this movie as it is both entertainment and instructional!!


When the laughs are over, and we are starting to get freaked out, I think it would be time to bust out Swiss Family Robinson which I haven’t watched since it came out at the movies when I was a child (I know, really dating myself here!). My kids have never seen it but it is a classic AND highly informative and I am hoping that it will bring out the inner handyman/mechanical engineer in everyone. My husband would be change of this one, including the fixer upper island survival projects, but I would like to think that we’d get a water wheel hooked up in no time!  This is also a good role model for living on a desert island WITH your family AND getting along with them. We’ll be watching this one a lot! If I were really prepared, I’d have packed the book as well (in a zip lock bag so it won’t get soggy — if we are pretending, let’s go all the way!). Imagine the fun we could have comparing the movie to the book. Hey, I’m still enjoying my “Let’s Pretend” buzz/fantasy!!

Swiss Family Robinson DVD (to left) and book (on right)

Finally, when it time for adult only entertainment, my husband and I can snuggle up with Tom Hanks in Cast Away and thank our lucky stars that at least we have each other! And the kids too, of course! And we can cross off our Life To Do List Item #897: Survive on a Desert Island as a Family! Now who ordered seaweed roll ups again?

Cast Away

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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