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Best Personalized Baby Gifts for Under $50r

Special Personalized Baby Gifts for Baby Showers

It must be that time of year again, but babies are on my mind. There have been a slew of teachers with new babies at my kids’ elementary school and I really like the idea of a personalized baby gift. It’s a special day when a baby enters the world, after all!

I met Pocket Baby on Twitter when I had tweeted that I really needed personalized baby blankets. They made beautiful ones for me but I think they may have discontinued them. I did, however, find this adorable Onsie and Burp Cloth set! I found Pocket Baby really great to order from and the owner was kind enough to gently prod me via Twitter while I took months to gather up baby names and shipping addresses. They even drop shipped for me!

If you want something decorative for the baby’s room, I found two personalized baby plate options plus a piggy bank. My kids’ all received personalized piggy banks which I filled, painstakingly, with commemorative quarters. Now when my son wants to pay me a buck for some app he ordered, he hands me four of those quarters. Hmmm…. I’m really glad that I worked so hard to save them! I guess the next time, I’ll let my kids save their own money in their banks!

Do you have personalized baby presents that you like to give to friends? Please share!


Pocket Baby Personalized Onsie or Tee AND Burp Cloth, $28

Pocket Baby has lots of personalized gift options including towels, magnets, bean bags, bibs, and pacifier clips starting at $8!
pocketbaby pocket baby personalized baby gift pragmatic mom pragmaticmom

Personalized Piggy Bank, $20

Personalized Piggy Banks are the specialty here at, not surprisingly! There are many, many painted images to choose from and I liked that the piggy itself was cute.

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Wilder Glass Baby Plate, $50

Glass artist Suzi Wilder makes gorgeous custom glass plates for many occasions including new baby and weddings. There are lots of color and size options so you can pick to match a room decor.

Wilder Glass baby plate personalized baby present best pragmatic mom pragmaticmom Education Matters

Simon Pearce Personalized Baby Plate, $110

Capability:Mom told me about Simon Pearce. It’s very charming in a New England  “I summer in Nantucket” kind of way. It would be great for a baby with a nautical theme … or old-fashioned “wooden toys only” kind of room (which I love). Simon Pearce has custom baby plates, mugs and bowls but I like the plate the best. The bowl is $95 and the cup is $65.

Simon Pearce Personalized Baby Plate best baby shower infant present gift pragmatic mom pragmaticmom best mom blog best gifts for new moms education matters

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Dee

    Pragmatic Mom, if I may, I’d like to share the custom scrapbooks I have in my Etsy store. They are linked on my blog (

    I don’t actually make these as a regular thing. But I made up several for a craft fair in support of a local pre-school. But there were lots of professional crafters there, and I didn’t sell a one.

    They are currently priced $50-$60, but I’d sell any of them to a PM reader for an even $50.

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