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I am surprised that I know so many talented artists and photographers because I did not think that I hung with an artsy crowd ’cause I’m not that cool. It turns out that the mom circle is a wide one, indeed, and I have met these guys through exercise classes, work, antiquing excursions, and one is even a relative! They are all incredibly talented and many have discovered their talent later in life.

By the way, they are listed by last name in alphabetical order. (That seems safe, right?!) If you are interested in seeing more, please click on their name.

p.s. The artists from Newton, MA are: Vani Chandra Sayeed, Sharon Schindler, Jerry Shereda and Suzi Wilder.

Jenny Brown, Artist

Jenny Brown Abstract Impressionist Artist My Creative Friends PragmaticMom Pragmatic MomJenny Brown Artist PragmaticMom PragmaticMom Boston Artist Rising Star MFA

Photos by KAG, Photographer
PhotosbyKag Photos by KAG pragmatic mom big sur fine photography photographerPhotos by KAG, Photosbykag, my creative friends pragmatic mom pragmaticmom icons of california fine photography

Vani Chandra Sayeed, Artist

Vani Chandra Sayeed Artist Newton Massachusetts Interior Designer My Creative Friends Pragmatic Mom Vani Chandra Sayeed Newton Artist PragmaticMom My Creative Friends

Sharon Schindler, Photographer

Sharon Schindler Photographer Photography Fine Photography Pragmatic Mom PragmaticMom My Creative Friends Artists newton Massachusettsblue ball jars sharon schindler photography pragmaticmom my creative friends pragmatic mom

Jerry Shereda, Photographer

Jerry Shereda Swift River fall foliage trees New England My Creative Friends Pragmatic Mom PragmaticMom Education Matters best mom blog Boston Newton MassachusettsSupreme Court Jerry Shereda Images of Washington DC nation's capital My Creative Friends Pragmatic Mom PragmaticMom Education Matters

Suzi Wilder, Glass Artist

Suzi Wilder Wilder Glassworks Pragmatic Mom my creative friends PragmaticMomSuzi Wilder Wilder Glassworks Glass Artist Newton Massachusetts PragmaticMom PragmaticMom My Creative Friends

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. KAG

    Honored to be featured on such a cool blog! Thanks, KAG Love the parenting ideas and books as well!

  2. Happy to be featured with such great talent. The blog is filled with lots of useful information.

    • To Sharon,
      It’s so funny that I am with you when you take your shot but I never would have seen it or noticed it. You have a special gift and I’m happy to tell the world! Plus you are very fun to shop with at Brimfield!!

  3. So thrilled to be included in your post. Thank you, Mia.
    I am currently working with a lot of found paper and mixed media, and this collage work is now being shown at Candita Clayton Studio

    • To Jenny,
      How exciting! I can’t wait to see more of your work!!! I was so impressed that you sold a piece at the Museum of Fine Arts auction. I know that it is not easy to get a piece accepted.

  4. Liz Brown

    Awesome! Great post! Love those Jenny Browns! 🙂

  5. Suzi Wilder

    Beautiful Artists so nice of you to include me among them!!!

    • To Suzi,
      I love the story of how you fell in love with glass art when you visited Venice. It’s inspirational to know that you found your inner artist later in life. I love to give your gorgeous pieces as wedding presents. In fact, artist Jenny Brown has one of your pieces on display in her home.

  6. Fantastic to be featured with a this talanted group of artist’s!! thanks Mia.

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