Exciting Science Ideas for Kids: Science Project Ideas!

Science Project Ideas for Kids: Atlantis, Mermaids, Outer Space Mysteries

Both of these ideas come from a cool sci-fi science-y blog that I read called io9: We Come From the Future. And then I read an article from Education Week on how effective “informal science education” is. You know, like taking your kids to the zoo, signing them up for legos or robotics class, or a mad science after school club where girls can make their own lip gloss. Because the thing is, science is about discovery and, in the real world, through a series of trial and error, mostly error. Science is much less about memorizing mind-numbing factoids or cranking out problem sets which is, sadly enough, what it seems to be in school.

Because I hated science as a kid and as a college student, I am trying to make it more accessible and fun for my kids. Hence the tide pools books and vacation though my kids thought I was a bit nuts making them read those books both before and during vacation. While I didn’t nail my kids’ interest with my “informal science education” maybe you will be better at that than I. See if your kids’ imaginations ignite when presented with these interesting tidbits:

Future Humans with Algae Implants Could Breathe Underwater

How to Create a Scientifically Plausible Alien Life Form

The Mystery of Atlantis

Global Warming and The Future of Antartica

Everything You Need to To Go Into Outer Space and Return Back Again Safely

The Secret of Royal Jelly (discovered by creating mutant flies)

The First Sign that Humans are on the Verge of Evolving into a Different Species

5 Weird Theories of What Lies Outside the Universe

Mermaid Physics

The Moon May Have As Much Water as Earth

Oldest Museum on Earth: 2,500 Years Old Built by Babylolian Princess

A Brief Introduction to Infinity

Please let me know if your child was inspired by these articles. It will be heartening for me! Thanks!

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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