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“Book on Tape” Audio Books for Kids App

Books on Tape Audio Book App: Great for Reluctant Readers!

I can’t exactly remember how I discovered AudioBooks for Kids but I think they sent me an email a long, long time ago and now I am finally posting!
audio books for kids children pragmaticmom pragmatic mom
While my kids are not using audio books to any degree, I do think they are a GREAT way to experience books and particularly good for reluctant readers who can follow along with the book.
The issue for audio books is often technology. There are plenty of audio books at the library but who has a cassette tape player in their cars these days? I don’t. I don’t even have one in the house save for an ancient children’s toy that is part Karaoke Machine/Part Torture Machine due to said Karaoke Microphone. I pray that this toy has made it to the trash but I am too scared to check the playroom in the basement as it always looks like a tornado hit. Soooo… it’s great that THESE audio books come via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android!
Another great thing: you buy the app for 99 cents and then the books are FREE! Note that these are purely audio books: no visuals, just audio! Get the book from the library to have your child follow along! This is a great way to get reluctant readers engaged.
I was drawn to this app after reading It’s Like This Cat by Emily Chene Neville which won a Newbery Award. Picture Holden Caulfield from A Catcher in the Ryeby J. D. Salinger just a tad younger with parents who are a little more engaged in parenting. Yep, this is It’s Like This Cat. Same New York City. Same nice kid but a tad less screwed up.

p.s. If you like this post and want more on audio books, try this Top 10: Best Audio Books (Some are Free!). I also have a LOT of posts on Reluctant Readers here. How many exactly? 10 posts and counting!


The titles in the paid version are:
* Aesop’s Fables

* Little Women

* Anderson’s Fairy Tales

* Peter Pan

* The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

* The Story of the Three Little Pigs

* Little Lord Fauntleroy

* A Little Princess

* The Secret Garden

* Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

* Grimms Fairy Tales

* The Jungle Book

* Anne of Green Gables

* It’s Like This, Cat

* Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter

* Black Beauty

* Little Bear

* Treasure Island

* The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

* The Prince and the Pauper

* The Velveteen Rabbit

* The Swiss Family Robinson

* The Marvelous Land of Oz

* The Christmas Angel

* Birds of the Air

* The Adventures of Reddy Fox

* The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk

* The Adventures of Buster Bear

* What Katy Did at School

* The Frog Prince and Other Stories

* Denslow’s Three Bears

To examine any book more closely at Amazon, please click on image of book. To check out this app at iTunes, please click on icon of app.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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