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Sandals as Comfortable as Flip Flops

Best Sandals Based on Comfort for Moms

I grew up in a Southern California beach town, so you’d think that I’d have known about Sanuk for a while. Well … actually no. There are nary a surf shop near where I live but luckily my sister and her family came to visit last summer and she lives near the beach and a myriad of surf shops. She had a pair and she made me try them on (the pair above and now I own it too!). It was sooo much more cushiony than Reef flip-flops which I normally wear plus these were cuter. Sanuk is also ecologically friendly and are made of recycled yoga mats.

Flip flops in the guise of sandals are a genius idea! I have the styles below at a discounted price but only in certain sizes at Amazon if you want to click on the image of any pair that catches your eye. For more sizes, check out the Sanuk or Reef website if you are bereft of surf shops too. I found my first pair at a surf shop in Kennebunkport, Maine but that’s a little far. Now that I am a Sanuk convert, I order mine online.

Reef is also making flip-flop sandals. I tried some on at my local shoe store but they didn’t fit me. They are a great option for those with wider feet though!

I do love the idea of flip-flop sandals and have been wearing them with day dresses and to the beach (weather permitting which hasn’t been many days this New England spring!!). I will take them on vacation as I am notorious for under packing and I think I can get away with just one pair of these flip-flop sandals for the entire vacation AND this will make airport security less of a scramble. Let me know what you think of them. Are you able to find them at a local store?




T0 examine any pair more closely at Amazon, please click on image of shoe. Limited sizes though, so go to Sanuk or Reef website for more sizes and styles.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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