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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Best Gifts for Dads on Father’s Day

I completely missed the boat to post on gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year. I’m not sure exactly what happened but I did manage to send off cards and some books to my mother, mother-in-law, and a dear relative that we call G-G-M (Great Grandma Mary) but only barely made it via First Class U.S. Postal Service. Still, when Mother’s Day rolls around every year, I always think that it’s all about me so I do a sorry job at procuring gifts! One year we failed to plan ahead such that my husband had to fed ex cards to our moms for an overnight Saturday delivery. Oops! And year after year, it’s the same story.

I made out like a bandit this year for Mother’s Day which got me thinking, “I better step it up for Father’s Day this year because my poor husband must be exhausted from his efforts!” Next year, I’ll try to do a better job and post on Mother’s Day gift ideas (as I am loving my new color Nook). But since Father’s Day is on my mind, I thought I’d get ahead of the curve. I usually have to consult my husband on what golf equipment he wants for a gift. His birthday is also right around the corner after Father’s Day. He has a long and elaborate process for club selection which includes being fitted, so I guess this is a token gift.  I also asked my husband to give me his favorite reads for the year but now I have to figure out what books to give him. Suggestions?! Thanks!

p.s. Father’s Day is June 19th!

Golf Dads

TaylorMade Driver, $360 (though my husband has requested a Titleist Driver, $249 for himself)

My Dog Park Dad Friend is obsessed with golf but not an especially low handicapper (18) and he swears by the new Taylor Made Driver. He says he is getting an extra 10 yards without roll (very muddy here right now) and that his misses are not as bad. My husband, who is a low handicapper (+1) and owned a golf shop, says that it is genius that this club allows the user to adjust loft and lie using a tool by him or herself. No need for a golf repair shop! My Dog Park Dad Friend says he plays his club in the neutral position.

Taylor Made Rh Rescue 11 Club , $189 (a.k.a. 3 wood)

Dog Park Dad Friend just got the Taylor Made Rescue Hybrid and he raved about it.

Electronic Gadget-y Dads

Nook eReader (black and white, $159 OR color, $260)

I received the color nook myself for Mother’s Day and I love it but I also use it to read picture books so I need the color screen. My business school roommate actually was the brains behind developing the Nook so I am partial to it though I hear the Kindle is also coming out with a color version soon. He tells me that they make NO margin on the black and white Nook and only a tiny margin on the color. Somehow that makes the Black and White version more desirable!

Newsflash: The latest Nook will sell for $139 and start shipping on June 10. The touchscreen device weighs 7.5 ounces, has a 6-inch display, and allows a user to look up words, highlight passages and adjust the font size. It can store up to 1,000 books. This means that price of the black and white AND color Nook should drop like a rock.

Flip Ultra HD Video Camera, $133

My oldest child got the Flip for Christmas two years ago but guess who uses it the most? That’s right! Dad and mom. It’s super easy to use and very light and compact. It has zoom capability and takes great video. We’ll never go back to our gigantic Sony Camcorder. That’s officially a relic!

Bose SoundDock Series II Digital Music System for iPod, $269

We have this at home and I love how it’s portable and fairly compact. We can take it outside for parties too!

Motorola H720 Bluetooth Headset, $32

The latest research seems to indicate that there might be a connection between cell phones and brain tumors but it’s too soon to tell for sure. In any case, the Bluetooth will help Dad stay safer and hands-free.

Braun Razor Series 7 – 790 cc Pulsonic Shaving System, $210

My husband got his father’s day gift early and chose this razor to replace his old Braun razor that was just too old. After a few weeks using this, he says that the shave is comfortable, close and the shaver is easy to clean.

Artwork for Dad’s Home Office or Man Cave

dice fine photo photography sharon schindler photography art work custom game room image portrait man cave best gift for dad pragmatic mom pragmaticmom http://PragmaticMom.com Education MattersSharon Schindler Photography

Perfect for a game room, family room, or man cave.

boats rowing crew fishing with dad image sharon schindler photography pragmatic mom pragmaticmom best fine photography icons of boston iconic boston pond charles river row boat Sharon Schindler Photography

For a dad who likes to fish.

fenway park icons of boston sharon schindler fine photography best photography of boston interior designer pragmatic mom pragmaticmom http://PragmaticMom.com best father's day gifts presents for dadSharon Schindler Photography
For a dad who loves Fenway Park and the Red Sox.

Specialty Watches for Dad’s Hobbies

Timex Men’s T41711 Expedition Analog Camper Watch, $18

For dads who like camping. At just $18, it can be a present just for fun!

Timex Men’s T5E231 Ironman 100-Lap FLIX System Watch, $34

For sporty dads who like to run. Sport timing features include a 100-hour chronograph with lap or split option, 100-lap memory recall, 199 lap counter, on-the-fly recall of lap or split, and interval timers settable up to 24 hours (9 timers with countdown/stop and countdown/repeat). The training log stores workouts by date, with best lap, average lap, and total segment time, and the total run format/synchro timer maintains total activity time (less time paused during workout and overall running time. Other features include two time zones, built-in setting reminders, water resistance to 100 meters, and a black resin strap. Whew! It makes me tired just to read what it does!

Stanley Tape Measure Watch, $45

For handy dads.

Book Ideas

As you might have suspected, I rarely read adult lit. I’m pretty much buried in KidLit and now YA 24/7 so I enlisted the help of my husband to give me his favorite reads of the year for ideas for Father’s Day. He reads voraciously and likes typical “dad” fare both fiction and non-fiction. His interests include golf, soccer (he follows Barcelona obsessively),NCAA basketball, politics, and trash guy reads.  Other reasons why he may have liked these books: he grew up on a military golf course and played with old timer WWII heroes (which might have made Unbroken even more appealing to him), and he worked in the sub-prime mortgage industry so he has a particular personal interest in this last crash/recession. Ideas for his father’s day are welcomed!!!

Perfect book for new dads Faith of a Child And Other Stories of Becoming and Being Dad, $15 by Stefan G. Lanfer. A non-rhyming ode to becoming a dad written in free verse. Lovely stories of a dad who is marveling at the joys of becoming and being a dad. So perfect for a mom to give to a first time dad either in preparation or celebration! Stefan is a local Boston dad with a great dad blog.

I will be GIVING THIS BOOK AWAY! Please leave a comment why you want it and it will go the person with most compelling comment.

How Soccer Explains the World: an (unlikely) theory of globalization, $6 by Franklin Foer.

My husband loved this book and while he does love soccer (Barca!), he is also a Gov Jock Geek so this was perfect! He gave it to my brother-in-law who also played soccer in high school and is an attorney. Poly Sci majors who play soccer will eat this up!

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen, $10 by Christopher McDougall.

My husband bought this after reading lots of rave reviews about it. It’s on his pile to read but it looks really interesting.

Our Kind of Traitor, $9 by John le Carré

DadLit. Like ChickLit but for men. Need I say more? Great for a plane or beach read.

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption, $14 by Laura Hillenbrand

This book got rave reviews by moms and dads alike in my neighborhood. It’s my mom book club’s pick for July. Folks also raved about her first book  Seabiscuit. I’m not sure if I’ll actually read this one myself. I don’t handle war and torture very well — gives me nightmares for months, but I will give it a shot only because EVERYONE is talking about this book!

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, $10 by Michael Lewis

If you are interested in the machinations that lead to the recent recession then this is the book for you. Michael Lewis’ other books include the very popular Liar’s Poker and Moneyball. I remember how Liar’s Poker was THE book defining the 90’s Wall Street Greed so perhaps his latest will be the defining book for The Big Recession.

To examine any item more closely at Amazon, please click on image.

Congrats to Dave who won Faith of a Child!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Dave

    I’m a Boston-based new dad and have found that this is some of the greatest and most stressful times in our lives. I know this is supposed to be a most from my wife telling a story about how I would deserve this book, but I figured I would take a chance at it. I am grateful to my family for providing me with guidance and resources on how to raise our beautiful child, but what I’m lacking is some connection with other dads and stories about how other new dads have gone through this pivotal time in our lives.

  2. Belinda

    If you want to be light on Father’s Day, a fun picture book for surfer or beach lover dads and their mini groms is Dude:Fun with Dude and Betty by Lisa Pliscou. The totally rad language is sure to bring a smile.

  3. Stefan

    Thanks for the plug, Mia. Glad to be a Friday find. Hope you enjoy the book, Dave.

    My only Father’s Day wish 2011 is safe arrival into the world of our new baby.

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