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Kids Caught in the Act … of READING!

Kids Caught Reading!

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of their darlings reading! I really appreciate it and always need more photos (please email! This week’s photos struck me how much these parents use great reading strategies to get their children to read (and to really love reading). Notice reader Jessyca who uses the thrill of a new magazine to get her kids excited to read.

Reader Kimberly has a “high interest” series book for her son. If you go through all the posts of Caught in the Act … of READING!, you’ll notice that The Magic Tree house comes up again and again. The beauty of a series is that there are lots of them and the familiarly of characters and a plot format make for a pleasant read for kids. Finally, reader Elizabeth sneaks in book time during an otherwise “just killing time” part of the day: waiting at the school pick up. These are all great ideas to try to get your kids reading but there are tons more (should you be interested) in this category of posts called Reluctant Readers.

I’m curious … for those moms and dads who are snapping pictures of their kids reading to me (and THANK YOU for that); is it easy to get your kids to read or do you really work at it? I know I need to work at it with my kids and only this year when my oldest is now 11-years-old does she read without prompting.

This is from reader Jessyca (who is a marketing guru at Align Partnerships connecting companies, organizations and customers), “Here are a couple of shots for you.  They were taken on my Blackberry so they’re not high quality, but they get the point across.  My kids had just got new issues of their magazines last summer and chose the rocks in our garden as a spot to look them over.”

Caught in the act of reading Pragmaticmom pragmatic mom

caught in the act of reading pragmatic mom kids reading in garden

She has such a beautiful garden. The little girl is reading a magazine from The National Wildlife Federation called Your Big Backyard: Dolphin Fun. Isn’t that great? Reading about Your Big Backyard IN YOUR BACKYARD!


This is from reader Kimberly who is a travel agent at Mouse Tales Travel. I love the reference to reading in her company name but it actually refers to the Magic Kingdom of Disney! Her son is reading Magic Tree House series, Dinosaurs After Dark by Mary Pope Osborne.

caught in the act of reading pragmatic mom magic tree house


Reader Elizabeth uses the “dead zone waiting for pick up time” as book time! She says, “While waiting in the car at after school pick up.”

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. These pictures are simply wonderful! I love to see children enjoying books.

    My six year old son loves reading and being read to. A bit of advice I’ve heard from educators and librarians is that to get kids excited about reading is to be a good example. Read your own books!

    These experts said that kids who love to read come from households where there are lots of books around. So… keep your bookshelf well stocked with both kid books and adult books alike! 🙂

    • To Amy,
      Great advice about being a good role model and keeping the house full of books. Another librarian that came to school said to keep rotating the books so that they are fresh and exciting. She recommends keeping books in the bathroom, near a cozy chair, as well as in their bedroom.

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