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Caught in the Act … of READING

Kids Caught Reading

Thank you to everyone who sent in a photo! There are such great photos this week!!! I always need more so please keep them coming to Thank you!!! It is always fun for me to see what old friends are up to and meet new folks. This week, I have an old work colleague who left to pursue other endeavors. She took the gorgeous black and white photo and even her snapshots are amazing as she is a portrait photographer!

I met another mom friend, author Melissa Wiley, at KidLitCon 2010 last fall and we both vowed to get All of a Kind Family books back in print. She was responsible for single handedly getting the Betsy-Tacy-Tib series back in print so I have recruited a heavy hitter to my cause! Thank you also to Jane of Ohanarama for sending in a picture of her son reading in the car! I hope you all have a marvelous Monday!!!


caught in the act of reading pragmatic mom literacy getting kids to love reading

Thank you to my work friend mom Sharona for submitting this cutie! She says, “I Thought of you this morning when I caught Lilia perusing Robot Dreams by Sara Varon on my iPhone. Awesome book for both adults and kids exploring the relationship between an introspective dog and a lonely robot.” Sharona now a portrait photographer (which explains why this is such a visually stunning photo!).


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I made a new lovely mom friend at KidLitCon 2010, author Melissa Wiley. She led a round table discussion talking about how each person has a “super power.” Her super power is how nice she is. Indeed, she is extremely lovely. She is also the author of The Martha Years books about Laura Ingalls Wilder’s great-grandmother, Martha Morse Tucker, and The Charlotte Years books, about Laura’s grandmother, Charlotte Tucker Quiner. Her early reader, Fox and Crow Are Not Friends, will be published by Random House in Spring 2013, and she is at work on a YA novel to be published by Knopf. And if that isn’t enough to keep her busy, she home schools her kids. I really, really admire her as a person!

She says, “Here are a few pix for you! Hope they work. I’m including two versions of the one with two kids on the couch–take your pick. 🙂

See what I mean? Even her emails convey how truly nice she is!

Isn’t the top photo of her son reading in a box so precious? I love it!

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caught in the act of reading pragmatic mom literacy getting kids to read how to kids reading everywhere

Jane of Ohanarama (Where families play, learn and grow….together!) sent me this picture from her blackberry. She says, “I really enjoy your Facebook posts and Tweets.  Here is a picture of my 11 year old boy.  He couldn’t put the book down! Thanks for all of the terrific work you do!”

I wasn’t able to figure out what book he’s reading, so I am hoping she will leave a comment. Ohanarama is a safe family network that allows families to play and learn together.

To examine any book more closely at Amazon, please click on image of book.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Oh golly, I appreciate the kind words but the person who brought the Betsy-Tacy books back into print is the great Jennifer Hart of HarperCollins (aka @bookclubgirl)! Not to mention the tireless efforts of the Betsy-Tacy Society (of which, it is true, I am a card-carrying member). 🙂

    I was honored to get to write a foreword for one of the reissues and thrilled to help spread the word about them. And I hope we can light some fires under folks with the power to revive All-of-a-Kind Family, for sure!

    • To Melissa,
      You are too modest which doesn’t surprise me! Thanks for the support for All-of- A-Kind-Family!! Hmmm… maybe we need to start a fan club/society for that! Thank you for that great idea! How is your YA book coming along? Would be willing to give an interview about what you’ve written and what you are working on? I’d personally love to hear more!

  2. Jane Hoffer

    Hi there! So sorry to not reply earlier. Boy have we been busy with Ohanarama! We’re announcing our public launch next week at the Internet Safety Symposium in NYC.

    So the book is the Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. My son has enjoyed all of his books/series. My 14 y/o boy is looking forward to the release of the final installment of the Inheritance Cycle, the Christopher Paolini series, due out this Fall. So great to have children who LOVE to read!

    Thanks again for your wonderful work!

    • To Jane,
      How wonderful about Ohanarama. Thanks for the update on the book. Has he read the second Kane Chronicle yet? My daughter liked it but I still need to read it myself. Thank you also for the The Inheritance Cycle suggestion. I didn’t know that one a d will check it out.

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