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5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Help with Spring Cleaning

Getting Kids to Help Clean the House

Thank you to Kati from with some great tips for spring cleaning and NOT alone. She proposes ways to get the kids involved. It finally feels like spring here in the Northeast (except for today which is a chilly 50 degrees) so I am finally starting to think about spring cleaning.


It’s spring—the perfect time to de-clutter and organize your home. For parents, the challenge is to freshen up the house while also staying on top of everyday responsibilities like work, carpool and dinner. Involving your kids is a great way to get it all done without losing your mind.

Kati Chevaux, editor at, offers 5 tips to turn common spring cleaning chores into a family affair:

1. Refrigerator Clean-Out

o   What you do: Remove all food to do a complete wipe down of the fridge shelves and drawers.

o   What the kids do: Find the expiration date on labels and sort out expired items and fuzzy foods.

2. Junk Drawer Makeover

o   What you do: Empty the drawer, clean, and replace items that belong.

o   What the kids do: Put toys and belongings in the right place, test the charge of stray batteries, throw away garbage, collect change and keep it!

3. Toy Reduction

o   What the kids do: Gather all random toys and trinkets around the house. Sort toys into two piles: 1. What I do play with 2. What I don’t play with.

o   What you do: When the kids aren’t home, recycle or throw away all the toys in pile No. 2 and half the toys in pile No. 1.

4. Wiping and Dusting

o   What you do: Prepare a spray bottle of mild/natural cleaner; dust shelves containing fragile items.

o   What the kids do: Use the spray bottle and washcloth to wipe windowsills, dust the top edge of the baseboards, wipe walls and door frames.

5. Paper Clutter Control

o   What you do: Remove unnecessary files, old bills, magazines, and phonebooks.

o   What the kids do: Shred sensitive papers, carry paper trash to recycling bin.


By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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