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Rocks and Minerals Science for Kids Especially GIRLS!

Earth Science for Girls: Rocks and Minerals!

It’s not surprising that girls love geology, as in rocks and minerals. Boys do too, but it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from rocks and minerals to jewelry and gems. My oldest had a pretty good rock and mineral collection but finally, after giving her room a solid purging, they ended up in the side garden where they sparkle in a tempting way every time we walk past them going in and out of the car. The rocks and minerals were gathered mostly from Museums of Sciences in various cities from the gift shops where there is a flat fee for the filled pouch.

I had visions of “Science Fair” displays and delving into mineralogy but that never happened. Oh well. It will be fun to excavate that part of the yard for the stones one day! How about you? Are your kids fascinated by rocks and minerals? And if so, are they itching to identify them or do they just like shiny, pretty things like my kids? Ok, so maybe they are future gemologists not mineralogists. That’s fine too (and will probably result in better mother’s day gifts!)

I found some great sites for rocks and minerals from a homeschooling site if you want to explore this topic further with your kids.

Rocks for Kids

Cape Cod Rocks (an internet e-museum)

Experiments Using Rocks: The Absorbency of Rock, Experiments with Quartz, Porosity.

And below is a great video to identify rocks.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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