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Kids Caught in the Act … of READING!

Kids Caught Reading

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures. Yikes, I am almost out of them. Will you please send me more? Thanks! Please email to

This week we have picture book author Erica S. Perl with two great photos (and more to come as she generously sent me four!). Marci, a Special Education Reading Recovery teacher helps kids learn to read and comprehend even if they are up to 5 years behind their peers! She’s true unsung hero in our community! Finally, thank you to Capability:Mom with some cuties reading.

Erica S Perl Chicken Butt picture book author caught in the act of reading Pragmatic Mom Education Matters literacy reading

This is from one of my favorite picture book authors, Erica S. Perl. Our favorite books of hers include Chicken Butt!, Dotty, and 93 in My Family. I post extensively on her and she turns out to the pre-kids neighbor of a good mom friend of mine. She has a great website if you are interested in finding activities for a book club for kids using her books!

And here is a cutie reading Dotty! We love that book too about a girl with an imaginary friend and a very special teacher that understands!

Erica S Perl Caught in the Act of Reading pragmatic mom pragmaticmom


sped reading Marci Caught in the Act of reading Pragmatic Mom

This is from reader Marci who says, “I am a SPED/Reading Recovery teacher and I have a favorite pic.  Not sure if it is what you are looking for, but you are welcome to use it.”

I had to look up SPED and it means “Special Education.” Reading Recovery is: Elementary school children up to 5 years behind in their reading are now catching up in as little as 8 to 10 weeks.

Wow! My hat is off to Marci!

p.s. This looks like Diary of a Wimpy Kid!? This is a book series that every single kid in the world who hates to read can not wait to read. My Mom Friend buys the newest book the day it comes out for her reluctant reader! I wish there were more books like this!


Caught in the Act of reading CapabilityMom PragmaticMom

Thank you to Capability:Mom for sending in this cute picture! She has a great blog on turning from a SAHM to a WAHM as both a writer and social media consultant.

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  1. Paula Hrbacek

    When I was doing after school care, I had a child that seemed to be behind in his reading. We were playing Sorry, and he would pronounce the words on the card, and then look to his bossy sister to tell him what to do. I stopped her from saying anything, and waited for him to figure it out. He knew how to pronounce the words, but didn’t seem to connect that the words mean something. Several weeks later, I wanted the whole group to read. I didn’t have time to read to a kindergartener, so I asked him to read a book to him for me. I showed him how to read a picture book; point the the word as you say it so they understand that the letters make a noise, and when you’re done with the words on a page, stop and look at the picture to see if you can find what the words are talking about. It was a lightbulb moment. He read the same book five times by himself, and you could see the gears going around in his head. His speed and understanding changed dramatically after that. Sometimes, one way to get kids to catch up, to go over what they might have missed, is to ask them to teach someone younger how to do it.

    • Hi Paula,
      You are a gift and a miracle worker! Thank you for sharing. I’m sure that this information will help someone to hold back, use easier texts, and to have their child teach to a younger sibling.

  2. Love these “caught” pics! Reminds me of when I was a school librarian. On rainy recess days we’d have reading time in the hall outside the library and I’d take clandestine pictures of the kids reading. They loved it! Thanks also for the amazing booklists, with commentary. Great blog.

    • To Augusta,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. You reminded me that I need to ask for more pictures to keep posting on Caught in the Act of Reading. I do love to see kids reading too! Especially in fun and unusual places.

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