Caught in the Act of Reading Pragmatic Mom two sisters reading together

Caught in the Act … of READING!

Kids Caught in the Act of Reading!

Thank you to everyone who send in photos or who retweeted my urgent plea for more photos! And yay! More came in which is great because I was almost out. Thank you, thank you, thank you to children’s picture book and chapter book author Erica S. Perl for sending me a slew of cute photos of her kids who clearly love to read. I saw Erica a few years ago at her book signing at the Wellesley Booksmith when Chicken Butt! came out. My Mom Friend, Lynn, was her old neighbor when they both lived in Cambridge and when we were in a book club for our preschoolers, the book was 93 in My Family by Erica S. Perl (which has helpful suggestions on how to use her books at her site).

Enjoy the cute photos and HAPPY MONDAY TO ALL! Yes, I am trying to convince myself that I am happy to see Monday too! I am also celebrating that kids in these photos love to read. I wanted to share this alarming article:

“Veteran high-school English teacher and author Kelly Gallagher says in this interview that students’ reading abilities have declined sharply in the past decade — primarily because students are reading less. Gallagher suggests students read more for enjoyment to improve reading fluency, with half of what they read being recreational texts and the other half classics. He also suggests teaching fewer books throughout the school year in favor of deeper learning.” from Education Week

Kudos to all your parents out there that are getting your children reading. Keep up the good work! Loving to Read: It’s the Gift That Keeps on Giving!


Caught in the Act of Reading Pragmatic Mom

From Lucas: I’ve attached a few pics of my daughter reading.  She’s almost 2 and loves to read every day.


From author Erica S. Perl.

Caught in the act of Reading Pragmatic Mom Erica Perl girl reading at picnic table outside

Caught in the act of reading PragmaticMom Pragmatic Mom Erica Perl

My favorite “caught in the act of reading” photo ever!  Both my kids, reading standing up, while waiting for a train.  But the best part is the sign next to them.  So much for the whole internet on your tv… we’ve got books!  Ha!
kids reading upright Pragmatic Mom Caught in the act of reading Erica S Perl

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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