Free eStory for World Read Aloud Day

Free eBook for Kids

Be There BedTime Stories has generously offered another FREE estory, a $10 value,  to one of my readers. First one to leave a comment will win. Thank you Be There BedTime Stories!


LitWorld, an international literacy non profit, has teamed up with Be There BedTime Stories for World Read Aloud Day. To participate, you simply just read a book to anyone: a child, an adult, your dog or cat!

But if you want to join in the fun of recording your reading to share with a loved one who is NOT nearby, you can download a free book (today only!) through Be There BedTime Stories. Here’s their description:

“Our webcam storytelling technology is a way for families to connect through the art of storytelling, though they are miles apart. And since the recorded video of you is positioned right on the page of the e-book, the child can experience the proven read-aloud techniques of literacy development, too!”
I  haven’t tried this out yet (racing to get ready for World Read Aloud Day myself) but I really like this idea of connecting remotely with someone you care about like a grandchild or a niece or nephew and sharing the book by giving them your recording of the book via email. This would also be wonderful for parents who travel for work and would allow their kids a special version of bedtime stories!

Here’s how it works depicted graphically:

Choose a story from the online bookstoreRead the story in front of your WEBCAMEmail the story to anyone, anywhere with YOU right on the page!

“Each registered user may enjoy one free story recording during their visit on Wednesday, March 9th. Your recording will be available to as many people as you wish, viewable any number of times. Then we invite you to visit and consider ways in which you can raise awareness on this sleeper fact beyond March 9th. This important issue doesn’t go away today. Put a link on your blog, post a quick fact to your Facebook page or Tweet a shout-out to the folks that are working hard on this global issue.”

I went through their catalog of books and although I wasn’t familiar with any of these titles — I suspect they were developed specifically for Be there BedTimes Stories, there was a nice assortment of the kinds of books I read to my kids. There was even a title in Spanish! Muy bueno!

I would choose this book for my 8-year-old daughter. She loves to surf.

I’d choose this book for my 11-year-old daughter. She is reading sci-fi adventure series (currently reading Artemis Fowl) but she likes nature books:

For my 6-year-old son, I’d chose this book.  He loves math and this book is also silly. This is the perfect combo for him:

So please enjoy reading aloud today! It’s just that kind of day!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Great book choices! The last book I read to my nieces was Kiko and they wrote me a thank you note in surfer-schpeak, calling me ‘dude’ and ‘gnarly’! It was so funny – I know for a fact that my sister typed their note word for word. I also sent it to them after visiting during the big blizzard in Chicago, so I was able to motivate them to come and visit me near the ocean in CA, too.
    That’s been the biggest delight for me in these webcam stories, I carry different conversations with these girls than I would have without the storytelling that anchors the connection. I truly hope other families make the same discoveries, and more!

    • To Alison,
      I think the BeThereBedTimeStories remote webcam story sharing is a really great idea and perfect for many families whose parents travel a lot for work and/or whose relatives do not live near by. It brings people closer together!

  2. Karen Lee

    This is fantastic! It is such a great idea for grandparents, those in the service, and others that can’t be near their families. I am the illustrator for My Even Day as well as the other books in the series, One Odd day, and My Half Day. I really appreciate your son’s choice!

    xo Karen Lee

  3. Laura

    This is the coolest idea! I just had my daughters send their grandma a happy birthday book story-telling! So much better than a card!!! They each got to pick a book to read and sang Happy Birthday to grandma. Now she can see and hear them read to HER anytime she pleases. It makes having grandma so far away much easier to live with.

  4. Be There Bedtimes is such an amazing concept! I am so proud to be a part of them. I am the writer for Kiko the Hawaiian Wave. Thank you so much for picking my book! Happy reading everyone!

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