Our favorite Pokemon Books for playing Pokemon Go

Top 10: Pokémon Books for Kids

Best Pokémon Books for Kids

My five-year-old son has been obsessed with Pokémon for over a year now.  He wanted to be a Pokémon master when he was four but now he realizes that there are no wild Pokémon to catch where we live and we won’t allow him to wander the earth unsupervised.  That was a sad day for everyone!  Still, he continues to love Pokémon and memorizes a large database of factoids on Pokémon.  

I suppose while there will never be a need to recall this information on a standardized test, it’s not so different from learning a database of factoids of information on something more educational like dinosaurs.  So until he learns to read his Pokémon books on his own, I am getting my master’s degree in Pokémon.  But since I seem to lose every Pokémon battle, I don’t expect to graduate.

For those seeking a book form of the Pokédex, try Pokémon:  The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide, Boxed Set, $16.99.

10.  Pokémon Fun with Mazes and Puzzles by Hiroshi Takase

This is one of my son’s favorite Pokémon books because he loves doing mazes.

9.  Let’s Find Pokémon Gold and Silver by Kazunori Aihara

My son loves these “Where’s Waldo”Pokémon books.  After we go through the book a few times and he knows where the Pokémon the book details to find are on each page, we just choose different Pokémon to keep the game going.

8.  Let’s Find Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire by Kazunori Aihara

Still more Pokémon search and find books, this one to include the video games, Ruby and Sapphire.

7.  How to Draw Pokémon by Tracey West

Once your child likes Pokémon, inevitably he or she will want to be able to draw their favorites.  I ended up hiring an art teacher from school to give an art class on drawing Pokémon but this is an easier way!


6. Pokémon Visual Guide by Cris Silverstri and Katherine Fang

My son got this for his birthday.  It’s the “coffee table” Pokémon book.


5.  Pokémon:  The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide, Volume 2 (#246-491 Larvitar to Darkrai)

This directory has type, abilities, height, weight, description, special moves and evolution.  A must have for any serious Pokémon would-be Trainer.


4.  Pokémon:  The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide, Boxed Set 

This directory has type, abilities, height, weight, description, special moves and evolution.  A must have for any serious Pokémon would-be Trainer.  We read these so much that the pages are starting to fall out.


3. Pokémon:  Ultimate Handbook by Cris Silverstri

This is a Pokémon directory that is “the first step to knowing your Pokémon.”  It has pronunciation, possible moves, type, height, weight, evolution, and region.

2. Pokemon:  Sinnoh Hall of Fame (your inside guide to the biggest and best of everything Sinnoh!) by Katherine Fang

This can actually be a real bedtime story.  It covers the characters, Pokémon, battles, and other details of battles in the Sinnoh region.


1.  Pokémon Top 10 Handbook by Tracey West

I guess it is appropriate to end my Top 10 Pokémon book list with the Top 10 Pokémon handbook but this was actually the first Pokémon book we ever owned.  And it was my oldest daughter who wanted it and made me buy it through Scholastic at school.  None of her friends were into Pokémon but she was secretly really into it.  If you only have one book, this would be it because it covers all the topics to get you up to speed on Pokémon.


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Our favorite Pokemon Books for playing Pokemon Go

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