DVD of Spanish Children’s Songs

Spanish Songs for Kids

I asked So Smart! if they would send me their Spanish DVDs to try out and they were nice enough to send me Baby’s Beginnings: Spanish.  It so happened that today is our Spanish lesson day and I pick my tutor up from the subway stop near my house, so I was able to play the DVD in my car (of course, the screen is behind us so we can’t see anything) to ask her about the accents.  (That is all I care about; just get my kids to pronounce the words with a decent accent.) 

She said that the speakers in this DVD are from Latin America (which is great because Spain has a more pronounced accent that sounds  a little “lispy”) but that it’s a country-neutral accent that she likes.

So…this is what we both like about the DVD; I did watch it at my house:

  • Native speakers with country-neutral accent!  Very important and a great introduction for young ones!
  • 16 Latin American children’s songs that are catchy and fun to listen to.
  • Singing voices are both pleasant and well enunciated. I’ve been studying Spanish myself for just over a year and I’m conversational but just barely, and it was easy to understand the words in the songs and I can translate some of them, but not all.
  • The animation is very simplistic and shape oriented which makes this perfect for infants and toddlers…the DVD says 6 months plus but will not appeal to an older audience.  My 5-year-old was not interested in it.

In my blog entry about Introducing a Foreign Language to Your Kids, I also recommended International Baby’s Let’s Sing Together, English and Spanish.  This is another good DVD for infants and toddlers but all the songs are American nursery rhymes.
The images in this DVD is more similar to the Baby Einstein DVDs which uses toys as props.  These two DVDs, in combination, are a nice balance.  So Smart! gives your child a feel for Latin American songs, and your child will naturally translate the Spanish songs from International Baby to English because the songs are so familiar.  I personally would use them both.

The So Smart! folks were kind enough to include a coupon if you are interested in purchasing:

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So Smart!  Baby’s Beginnings:  Spanish.  For 6 Months plus.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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