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Visual Dictionary: Free and Great For Science

Free Visual Dictionary Great for Teaching Kids Science

I’m part of a Yahoo homeschooling group that focuses on education and someone recommended this visual dictionary so I checked it out and it IS amazing for science or anything in which you need a visual explanation. Read more…

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Top 10: Best Klutz Activity Books for Girls

Best Klutz Books for Girls

My kids are obsessed with Klutz books.  I pow wow’d with Capability:Mom whose two daughters are a little older and this is our all time Top 10 list.  They make great gifts and also will keep your kids occupied for hours. Read more…

Wrinkles from A Wrinkle in Time

Great Science-y Middle Grade Fiction for ages 8-14

Since this post revolved around the space-time continuum and time travel, I wanted to include this link from my fav science (fiction-y) blog io9 on the 10 Coolest Time Machines in the Space Time Continuum. I think this is possibly the scenario for time travel by the laughing man in When You Reach Me. He had to travel in his birthday suit and could only carry what fit in his mouth– in his case, a small stack of notes. This is #3 on the Top 10 list by io9. Read more…

SAT Vocabulary Words from Picture Book A Little Bit of Winter

Picture Books that Build Vocabulary

My Kindergartener gets these words sent home and we are supposed to make an educational game around it by using these words during our conversations. I’m afraid we are not that together. Instead, I cut out the words and we ask him during dinner what he thinks each word means. If he gets it right, we move on to the next one. If he gets it wrong, we read the sentence, ask him again, and then explain it if he’s off. Then I throw the paper away — of course, this blog is my electronic filing system so it’s immortalized here. But we are not good at making it a game. Read more…

How To: Help Japanese Victims of Earthquake

How to Help Japanese Tsunami Victims

I am thankful that family, friends and colleagues are accounted for and ok but also overwhelmed by the footage. My heart goes out to victims and I wanted to post on ways to help. Donations are always good and I have listed (reputable) charities that are set up to take $10 from a text. I also listed Charity Navigator’s advice (below) to help you select reputable charities should you want to donate. The charities listed on and USA Today area also posted below. Read more…

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Family Reunion Vacations: San Antonio, Texas!

Family Vacation Tips for San Antonio, Texas!

We had the best time in San Antonio over February school break. It was freezing in Massachusetts and while San Antonio got a freakish dump of snow two weeks ago, we enjoyed a week of temps in the 50-70 degree Fahrenheit range! I think the key to this trip was The River Walk. Miles of meandering paths along the Venice-like canals chock full of small waterfalls and restaurants was a most pleasant way to get exercise and entertainment! Read more…

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Caught in the Act … of READING!

Kids Caught in the Act of Reading!

So many cute photos this week! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo. I will post them all eventually and typically post in the order received. Just as a reminder, remember to turn your geo tag/location feature off your smart photo under the photo section if you don’t want anyone to be able to know where your photo was taken. Here’s my post on that. I wanted to catch up on these cute photos and then return to posting on kids reading to pets so stay tuned for that next week. And I always need photos! Please email me at Just substitute (at) for @ and (dot) for . Thank you! Read more…

Hiroshima In the Morning: An UnFugable Memoir in the vein of Eat, Pray, Love

Memoir of a Bad Mother

I know this review is a snarky but the book just brought that out in me but I feel redeemed when CapabilityMom sent me this Huffington Post article/video on her where she says that she never wanted children and that she’s worse than Hitler. CapabilityMom wrote a beautiful and balanced review of her book if you want another perspective. We were both part of the same blog tour but mine, ahem, did not get included. I wonder why?… Read more…

10 Types of Crappy Interviewees

Cartoon Humor from The Oatmeal

This is the follow up from a previous post, 6 Crappiest Interview Questions, also from The Oatmeal. From working in the staffing business for years (ok, decades), I  actually have experienced most of these 10 Types of Interviewees. Who knew this really happens?! I know this not what I normally blog on but I couldn’t resist. What about you? Have you had any of these interviewees staring back at you? If so, please share! Read more…