DesignTrackMind Creates Child-Friendly Spaces

Child Friendly And Gorgeous Interior Design

When I started my blog a few months ago, it was rough going.  I’m not technical nor SEO savvy, so I constantly (daily!) plagued by problems and questions both technical and not.  And it was no fun trying to figure this out on my own, holed up in front of my computer.  So I started a blogging group with just a few moms at school in various stages of blogging or wanting to blog.  And it has been magic.

We call ourselves the CoffeeShopBloggers (with a new communal blog coming soon at to share our knowledge as we go through the labyrinth of SEO, hosting, corrupted templates, wordpress versus blogger, etc.  questions that suddenly must be answered in order to get your blog up and out there in the world.  We meet at this hidden jewel of a coffeeshop with fabulous tea and coffee and wonderful food (with free samples).  And we talk.  And talk.  And talk.  Not just about blogging though; we set up car pools, babysitter gigs, playdates, put our heads together to solve any problems our kids are having, or husbands, too!  And we laugh. And we’re loud.  And we now have to let the designated speaker hold the “talking pencil” to get everyone else to shut up just like in preschool except it works better in preschool.

So I wanted to you to meet my dear friend DesignTrackMind (on the blogroll below).  She’s an interior designer but with edge.  Her blog is really funny… see her posts on:  The Museum Room (you know, that room in the house that no one is allowed to play in?), or Enslaved by Possessions (she’ll tell you how to make your house fabulous AND child-friendly).   Be sure to join her subscription list to get gorgeous. fabulous ideas emailed to you.  I know it makes my day to dream a little dream.

You’ll meet my other blogger Mom friends as their blogs launch…And I’ll keep you posted on CoffeeShopBloggers in case anyone is curious to start a blog or a blog group.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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