Gorgeous Tulip Bulbs Remarkably Cheap

Buy Tulip Bulbs Discounted during Summer to Enjoy in Spring!

A little reminder:  now is when I hunt down cheap tulip bulbs and store them in my garage until November.  I get mine at The Christmas Tree Shop.  Buy them now.  Store until your garden dies down.  Then plant.  And enjoy tremendously next spring!


My friend, DesignTrackMind’s husband GreenCollarGuy outed me at our last blogging as being rather cheap because I don’t really spend much on techy stuff for my blog.  I was raised never to pay full price for clothes, this is true.  I do admire frugality.  I’ll admit that I was envious one day in the checkout line at the supermarket when a mom clutching a large fistful of coupons managed to check out a pretty full cart of groceries for, like, $40.  We all cheered in line.  It was remarkable.  But I tried excessive couponing once and I didn’t end up saving a bundle.  I ended up with a ton of spam.

This is my best deal ever!  Yes, the bulbs on this post are the ones growing in my front yard (yay spring!). I buy these bulbs every August and keep them in my garage until November when I do one or two hours of frantic planting in order to get this gorgeousness in the spring.  And, shh! … my secret source for these gorgeous bulbs is ……  The Christmas Tree Shop: Don’t You Just Love a Bargain.  Yes, this discount retailer will have a cardboard box in front of the entry at the end of the summer and these bulbs can be had for a song.  I think I paid $6.95ish for 18 bulbs.

This past summer, I stocked up on these bulbs.  I think I need about 250 bulbs for my front yard.  I buy the mixed tulip bulbs because I like that crazy chaos of color.  I neglect the side of the driveway and the backyard.  I stick to tulip bulbs; there are daffodils also in the bin but they were a little sad looking.  If you love daffodils, I’d splurge on these beauties:   double petaled daffodils (Winston Churchills) that are amazing both in bloom and in price.  They are $2 a pop on sale!  But worth it!  When you choose bulbs, pick out the bags that feel heavy for their size. It’s just like buying garlic.

So, I guess I’ll be seeing some of you out front at The Christmas Tree Shop this summer.  We all get to enjoy beautiful spring in the form of my favorite flower, the tulip!  And at less than 50 cents a bulb, we can enjoy the beauty and bask in our frugal achievement!  So, GreenCollarGuy, let’s carpool to The Christmas Tree Shop.  We can save on gas that way!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Beautiful! My big saving idea is trading bulbs with my mom. I just need to figure out when and how to divide!

  2. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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