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Adorable Finger Puppets that Snap to Purse

Finger Puppet and Purse Toy for Girls

These adorable finger puppets came in the mail and my kids, who are normally puppet types, could not keep their hands off them. And what is so great about them, besides being:

  • adorable
  • portable
  • creative
  • compact
  • versatile; can double as child’s purse

is that they help artisan groups in Bolivia! What engaged my kids (ages 6, 8 and 11) and ALL of them came to my office, saw the package and started playing with it even as I said, “Shoo, out!” is that the finger puppets fit on your fingers AND also snap onto the purse.  And might I add that there is just something about the Porcupine that, when on the finger, really seems to come alive.  These finger puppets are hard to resist!

artisans in bolivia fair trade friday find pragmaticmom pragmatic mom crafts from bolivia

There are several puppet pouches. The one shown here is the Woods scene and comes with Bear, Cardinal, Bat, Porcupine, Skunk, Squirrel, Swan, and Turtle but there are also other scenes such as Arctic, Farm, Garden, Ocean, and Jungle. All are adorable! Each finger puppet pouch is about $40.* I am impressed by the high quality of the product and love the story behind the product which can also be imparted to children as using this toy helps to improve lives of children like themselves in Bolivia.

I will be giving away my set. Please leave a comment about why you want or need it and it will go to the most persuasive person. If there is a tie, one of my kids will evaluate answers and pick a winner. I just want it to have a happy home!

Crafts from Bolivia adorable finger puppets in purse Pragmatic Mom Friday Find fair trade PragmaticMom
* $40 Canadian but I believe it’s just about 1:1 U.S. to Canada.
Congrats to Heidi of Fortunately for You Books who won this giveaway! Enjoy!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Heidi

    Oh I could use these! As a mother of a 10 year old, 4 year old, and 9 month old, my back has had it from carrying children, purses with heavy toys, and diaper bags over the years. I now spend 2 days a week at the chiropractor trying to get it straightened out. I sure could use these to 1. entertain the kids at my appts. 2. swap out a heavy toy with these lightweight puppets. 3. end the bickering that can go on. As you can see, these are needed for medical, entertainment, and sibling bonding purposes.

  2. Sue Berlove

    I refer to the carrying bag as a story bag, an expression I learned from hanging out with early literacy specialists. The idea is that the front of the bag is used as a “story board” so that the picture can be the background. The bags come with a list of story books so that you can read the book and tell the story with the story board. I hope your readers and blogger friends will let others know that it is possible to support fair trade at the same time you are supporting your child’s language development. For me, this is the ultimate win-win!!

    • To Sue,
      I agree! Supporting fair trade and your child’s language development is a win win, especially when the item is so cute that playing with it will be fun for years to come!

  3. Love these! Wish I had a three year old, I would snap them up in a second!

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