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Caught in the Act … of READING!

Getting Kids Reading

I am so excited to learn about these reading programs around the country that use service dogs as a rapt and non-judgemental audience for kids to read to. I asked my Twitter & Facebook friends to please send me pictures of their kids reading to pets. I think this is a great way to encourage reluctant readers to read.

And thank you to everyone who did! Adorable! Yes? I would love to post along this theme so please keep them coming: Thank you!

p.s. I also have great pics of kids caught in the act of reading in my email box so I’ll post those soon!

caught in the act of reading ... to dogs pragmatic momThis is from The Dogs Who Listen to Children Reading: Scheme Aims to Encourage Children to Read Aloud.


kid child read to dog pragmatic mom pragmaticmom caught in the act of readingThank you to @bodhi_bear for sending me this link at her public library in Boulder, CO called “Read To The Dog.” This is the program: Practice your reading by reading aloud to one of our calm and certified therapy dogs. They love to be read to and they never criticize! To participate, please sign up by having a parent send an e-mail to with the parent’s name, phone number and e-mail address along with your name and your age. Our dogs look forward to hearing from you!


Caught in the Act of reading to your dog Pragmatic Mom sam and mosley

My mom friend Melissa writes: “You have great timing for your request.  Samantha and I got into an argument tonight and I sent her to her room.  I walked up to find her reading to Mosley….”

(Mosley is the gorgeous black Labrador and he’s also my dog’s buddy!)


encourage kids children to read to pets dog cat pragmaticmom pragmatic mom caught in the act of reading


Gigi & Mini Read Jack Prelutsky


Photo by Amy LV


From The Poem Farm: A Writing Teacher Encourages, Tends and Celebrates Words

I met Amy at KidLitCon 2010. Well, maybe that is too strong a word but she was on a panel and I was part of the rapt audience. She’s lovely and encouraging about those (me!) who are shy about creating poetry. I wish she was teaching my kids!

She says this about her poem that relates to this picture:

Students – To find a writing idea yesterday, I pretended that I was a little girl again.  I imagined I was playing mommy, copying my own mom.  What would a mom do?  Read aloud, of course.  As a little-girl-mom, I imagined reading aloud to my cat, and today’s poem was born.  Try this sometime.  Remember way back to another time in your life.  Pretend you are there, and discover writing topics as they float across your brain-canvas.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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