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Caught in the Act … of READING!

Kids Caught Reading!

Thank you to everyone who sent in these great photos. This week is a great assortment of kids reading to their pets, walking and reading (all the while in cool sunglasses), and learning math through consumption! THANK YOU! And please be sure to check out their great blogs! Please, please, please keep the photos coming. You can email them to me at

Caught in the Act of Reading PragmaticMom Pragmatic Mom reading with dog reading to dog

Thank you to Jacqueline for sending in this picture of her two sons reading to their dog.


Caught in the Act of Reading Pragmatic Mom PragmaticMom walking and reading with cool sunglasses on

Thank you to Jill who says, “Hi!  Here is my 7-year-old bibliophile walking out of the library with the latest in the “Magic Tree House” series.  He had been on the wait list for this one for weeks and was so elated to have finally received it that he dove right in as soon as the librarian put it in his hands.  He completed it within our 20-minute drive home!  He says he wishes   the author, Mary Pope Osbourne, would write more books.  : )”


Caught in the Act of Reading literacy Pragmatic Mom education reading to do PragmaticMom

My friend Margo from KidLitCon 2010 sent me this picture and says, “Here’s my son Eli reading to our poodle about Hondo and Fabian (some of my favorite dog books–actually about a dog and a cat).”

Margo has a wonderful blog on kidlit historical fiction at Fourth Musketeer.  She is also running a month of posts celebrating Women’s History Month at  Celebrate Women’s History Month beginning March 1 at! I contributed a post for her here.


baby reading and chewing on math book Pragmatic Mom Quincy Tutoring

My Twitter friend Eric from Quincy Tutoring sent me this picture of his daughter reading his math book.

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