Top 15 Best Blogs for Moms

Great Blogs for Moms

I picked a handful blogs in different categories — interior design, children literature, and trans racial parenting — that I love and read regularly and then asked each blogger author to give me two of their favorite blogs and why they like them.

I know that I sometimes feel overwhelmed with information coming at me especially via my email boxes and yet, I enjoy discovering and following really great blogs even if I just have time to scan their posts once a day. I hope that you discover a new great blog that you are excited about from this list.  I know I did! And please leave a comment for blogs that you enjoy and recommend. Am I crazy to try to get anyone to discover more blogs, like you have time for that?! Let me know! And what are your favorite blogs? I’d love to add more to my blog roll(s)! Thank you for sharing!

In no particular order…

1. DesignTrackMind for Interior Design

MY PICK: My husband often has ideas for beautifying our home which he gets from interior designer Melissa Gulley’s blog. Our kids go to school together — literally, both her kids are in the same class as two of my kids —  and she’s really fun to hang out with. Her picks are #2 and #3.

2. Coco Cozy for Interior Design

DesignTrackMind says she loves Coco Cozy quick, short, stylish posts and her aesthetic is very close to mine.

3. Cote De Texas for Interior Design

DesignTrackMind picked Cote De Texas for long, involved, educational, interesting- love the layered look she touts very textured and new but with the look of age.

4. Mama C and the Boys for parenting, particularly Trans Racial Parenting and Adoption

MY PICK:  She has a great blog on trans racial families and trans racial adoption but her perspective on parenting with joy transcends racial boundaries and I always get inspired and moved by her posts.

5. See Theo Run for Multi Racial Parenting

Mama C and the Boys picks See Theo Run because Heather, the Mama, is on a journey that is both affirming, and enlightening of my own as a transracial adoptive mom. She’s a sharp, witty, concise, and inviting writer, who doesn’t fear technology or any topic.

6. Single Mothers by Choice for Single Parenting by Choice

Mama C and the Boys picks Single Mothers by Choice because it is a blog devoted to the thinkers and the do-ers in the choice mama world. I go there and I feel kinship, ease, and many an ah-ha in a way I never do in my public persona, because I have no “choice” mother friends here. A choice Mama being someone who made the decision to seek out motherhood as a single person for any number of reasons. My friendships (on and off the net) involve many single mama’s by circumstance (which is in many cases another kind of choice, depending on how you look at things) and choice. This is just one group whose writing I often find peace with.

7. Fourth Musketeer for Children’s Literature, specifically Historical Fiction.  She’s a children’s librarian.

MY PICK:  I keep an email file for books that I want to read and I usually end up saving almost all of her posts.  She does wonderful reviews on books!

8. A Fuse #8 Production for Children’s Literature

Fourth Musketeer says, “For my favorite blogs, I would probably have to say Betsy Bird’s A Fuse #8 Production–she’s the one who really inspired me to start blogging.  She’s a children’s librarian at the New York Public Library who blogs about children’s books–she’s incredibly opinionated, and you may not always agree with her but what she has to say is always interesting!  She also includes, in addition to reviews, lots of tidbits and news about the children’s publishing world.”

9. GreenBeanTeenQueen for Teen Books.

Fourth Musketeer picks GreenBeanTeenQueen. Another favorite of mine, this time more for books for teens and tweens, is GreenBeanTeenQueen.  Sarah, the author, is a teen librarian and incredibly enthusiastic about teen books.  She’s one of my trusted sources for books for ages 10 and up.

10. There’s A Book for Children’s Literature

MY PICK: I always learn from her blog whether it’s about running a contest, adding cool tech like  custom buttons, great children’s books I’ve never heard of, and author interviews.

11. Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers – Books

There’s A Book says, “This is actually a tough question! But when it comes down to it there are two sites I visit everyday without question, and here they are Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers and Tales of Whimsy.

Gina is one of those book reviewers I’ve known since before I had my own blog. She’s been reviewing for awhile now, works at a book store and just plain knows her stuff. Her taste in books is eclectic and wonderful. Not to mention she is always writing the most fabulous reviews ever that incorporate anything and nearly everything in her life. It’s personal, making the books personal. Love it!

12. Tales of Whimsy – Books

Again, another fantastic lady with great taste in books. Juju is extremely active in the book community and though she’s not on Twitter like most, she’s one of the most well known book bloggers I know. Why you might ask? Because she loves to hop around and comment, getting to know everyone and all the books they’re reading. Just incredible in so many ways!

13. Capability:Mom for a Mom’s Journey from SAHM to Professional Writer

MY PICK: I enjoy reading about the day in life of Capability:Mom and I always learn something useful whether it’s a current event, cool tech, or a find.

14. SmittenKitchen – Food

Capabilitiy:Mom writes, “i have always loved smitten kitchen – the recipes are always great – not just good, sometimes surprising and i am encouraged to make things i may not normally try. i have become more adventurous in my recipe selection and degree of difficulty of recipes. the writing is nice and the photos are sublime – i like that even if it is a mess-up for her – she rallies or easily makes substitutions as in i didn’t have pinenuts so i used walnuts and it was fine…”

15. FasterThanKudzu – Writer
Capability:Mom’s pick: “as for faster than kudzu, i first found her site through verbatim blog and i like it to see a writer’s behind the scenes writing and it is truly a lot of insight into joshilyn jackson’s brain. she is very funny and her stream of consciousness stuff is really great. i like her books, too.”

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


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  2. I found Coco Cozy recently, too – love her stuff!
    Hey, thanks for the shout out. You know your blog is a daily fix for me – always a great read and terrific resource. Now I am off to check out your other suggestions – Thanks!

  3. Technorati pointed me here. I can’t believe I missed this. Thank you Mama for all the praise, and the chance to spread the love!

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