SAT Vocabulary for Kindergarten from Picture Book Cuddly Dudley

Picture Books that Build Vocabulary

I have all my posts on SAT Vocabulary Words for Kindergarteners here.

This is the list for Week 5:
adorable: The baby was so adorable that everyone wanted to hug him.
enormous: An elephant is an enormous animal.
resist: I could not resist eating the cookies because they smelled so good.
lonely: The little girl sitting by herself on the swings seemed very lonely.
annoyed: I was annoyed when my brother talked to me while I was in the middle of playing a memory game.
gregarious: Tonya was very gregarious and was always inviting friends over to play.

 Cuddley Dudley by Jez Alborough

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Betsy

    We have been having fun with these. Please continue. May I ask a really trivial formatting favor? Please put the word and the sentence on the same line like you did in this post. Saves me paper! I have this list (several weeks on one page), some sample questions from various ‘conversations in a box’ type games, some brain quest cards, and other misc stuff in a folder on the table. (I store it in the napkin holder.) When things get slow, I pull it out. It works!

    • To Betsy,
      Thanks for the formatting request. Will do! I like how you have a folder at the table of stuff to do. Thanks for sharing that idea! I’m not sure why I don’t get these vocab words weekly from my school… oh well. I post them whenever they come home.

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