Kids Book Giveaway

Children’s Book Giveaway

Milk Rice, Stories for Children by Sri Lankan authors.

Review here.

Goddess Girls, Athena the Brave by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

Review here.

You know the drill? Please leave me a comment on which book you want and why. The person who seems to need or want the book the most will get it because I just want the book to land in the right hands.

Congrats to Tere who won the book Milk Rice! The other book is up for grabs!

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Alexandra

    I would love Milk Rice. My husband grew up in Sri Lanka, but his family no longer lives there. Iw ant my children to understand more about their father’s family’s culture and their heritage.

    • To Alexandra,
      I agree that books are a wonderful way to share family culture! It’s hard to visit a faraway place, even if it’s one’s homeland (or one’s spouse’s homeland). We still have yet to bring our kids to China, Japan, and Korea where we hail from.

  2. Milk Rice would be g8 for my classroom! Asia is my SS unit with 6th graders and having this book available for readers or read aloud would be excellent.
    Thanks for the title!

  3. Tere

    Milk Rice is my preferred choice. My family comes from all over the world. My mother’s family is from Holland, Arkansas, Ireland and My father’s family is from Portugal, Goa, Ireland, .. Dad was born in Shanghai, China. I was raised with extreme culture.

    I was raised to read stories from all over the world to gain perspective and respect for others. My oldest turned 18 the other day, then we have 15, 13, 11 (the boys) and our other girl who is almost four and learning to read now (because she wants to) … ALL of our combined children have been taught what I’ve been taught. I’ve collected books from different places and stories involving all cultures.. After my first two were older, I did not anticipate step sons, then we were blessed with Jasmine… I gave most of my book collection to others that would appreciate them, as we have… now I am rebuilding this collection for our little one… We wish for Jasmine to have Milk Rice for us to read to her… to enrich her life… she is a future ambassador to other cultures and she will teach others to appreciate the diversity in culture as I have been raised, as I have taught my husband… as I have taught our children prior to Jasmine entering our life…. Not a day goes by that we don’t share this thought… and act upon it…

    Thank you for the consideration in this giveaway.
    blessings from cold California 🙂
    Tereza Cruz Carns


    "Kung Hei Fat Choi!"
    Happy Chinese New Year!

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