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Kids Caught in the Act … of READING

Getting Kids to Read

I’m back from school vacation week and ready to resume my weekly features with a twist. They are now going to be weekly-ish. Yes, like the Ish! book by Peter Reynolds, a facsimile of the real thing because it turns out to be a frantic pace to be posting weekly. I’m assuming overwhelming for you, my readers too! 🙂 In the meantime, I am cooking up another idea for a blog children’s literature so please stay tuned… Read more…

6 Crappiest Interview Questions

Worst Interview Questions Ever!

I realize that this is not what I usually blog about but I have been in the staffing business for most of my working life so I find this particularly funny. And, shame on me, when I interview people, I do believe I’ve asked one or two of these questions from time to time … I think it’s because I was also trying to check my email simultaneously while phone screening someone who driveled on and on. But there is a post on that one too, also from The Oatmeal. Is this blog usually this funny? If so, I gotta get a feed! Read more…

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Top 10: Most Common Kitchen Injuries

Preventing Kitchen Accidents and Injuries

Please welcome my guest author, Nursing, with a public service announcement about how to stay safe in the kitchen. Seriously, though, kitchen safety is no joke and this might be a good one to run past your kids.  I know my kids are always plotting how to 1) get their hands on the sharp knives, 2) jumping up on the counters near a hot stove, 3) learning how to cook — brownies are at the top of their list. Read more…

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Interview with Author Danette Haworth

Middle Grade Author on What Inspired Her Book

Please welcome Danette Haworth, author of Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightening, The Summer of Moonlight Secrets, and soon to be released Me & Jack. I fell in love with Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightening when I read it last year.  The book really stuck with me and when I posted a list of Boy Characters You’d Let Your Daughter Date, I frankly could not forget Eddie from Violet Raines. Danette was kind enough to leave a comment and that lead to an email exchange and then this interview.   Read more…

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Highly Gifted High School Student Camp

Adventures of the Mind Camp Provides Mentors and Direction

When I was in business school at UCLA’s Anderson School, I participated in the Riordan Scholars program (funded by Major of Los Angeles Richard Riordan back when he was a venture capitalist) which paired us up with inner city high school and pre-graduate school minorities in order to help them successfully apply and prepare for high ed. My first mentee from South Central LA’s Crenshaw High, a high school that needs metal detectors, did all the heavy lifting herself and got herself into every school she applied for and opted for Yale. Now it seems that fellow alumna Victoria Gray has extended a version of this program  called Adventures of the Mind for highly gifted high school students (such as yours!). It’s not free but there is financial aid, but the program sounds amazing: Read more…

Earth may soon have a second sun

2nd Sun for Earth

I was reading about Obama’s call to science for the United States and I wholeheartedly agree. We just don’t do a great job in the sciences here, particularly to make it intuitive and exciting. And it IS exciting! I am going to make more of an effort to post on science including science-y fiction. I found this article on Digg, and I have reposted an excerpt. Exciting news: “The red supergiant star Betelgeuse is getting ready to go supernova, and when it does Earth will have a front-row seat. The explosion will be so bright that Earth will briefly seem to have two suns in the sky… just in case anyone is concerned, Betelgeuse is way too far away from Earth to do us any damage” Read more…

How To: Keep Kids Active During Winter

Keeping Kids Active During Winter

Our nutrition plan is supposed to include an hour of physical activity a day, and we’ve been really bad about it this winter.  As native Californians, we have an aversion to the bracing cold and that has not helped us embrace winter by way of winter sports.  We do try, our girls have had 2 seasons of exposure to both ice skating and skiing.  We tried snow tubing for the first time this past vacation and we finally figured out the good local sledding hills.  But somehow the winter has crept by and the pounds have crept on.  So…with a asking around and digging around, here is a list of winter activities that are local to me but maybe there is the equivalent in your snowy part of the world. Read more…

Kids Book Giveaway

Children’s Book Giveaway

Milk Rice, Stories for Children by Sri Lankan authors.

Review here. Read more…

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Top 10 Tips to Organize Children’s Artwork

Organizing Your Kids’ Artwork

A Dad Friend sent me this article from the New York Times on ruthless decluttering, Mom, You’re One Tough Art Critic. The more I thought about posting on this, the more I remembered the piles of messy art that I have squirreled away throughout my house and realized that I was in no position to be giving advice on how to purge or store your child’s artwork. Read more…