Cows Can't Jump, Dave Reisman, boardbook for toddlers, pragmatic mom

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Congrats to Renee and Callie for winning. Renee won I See the Sun in China.  Callie won Cows Can’t Jump for her cow loving grandson.

Cows Can’t Jump by Dave Reisman, illustrated by Jason A. Maas [board book, ages 2-6]

Cows Can't Jump, Dave Reisman, boardbook for toddlers, pragmatic mom

The first book that I am giving away is a SIGNED board book copy by author Dave Reisman.  This is really cute book that gently empowers with toddlers and preschoolers with the idea that everyone is good at some thing even if there is also something that they just simply can not do.  My 6-year-old and my 11-year-old think this is a sweet, cute, and hilarious book!  The illustrations are wonderfully expressive and I think it’s the expression of the animal who can’t do something that totally cracks my son up.  There is also great vocabulary words snuck in:  gallop, canter, stampede, wallow, pounce, scurry, and trample!

I see the sun in China, Dedie King, Judith Inglese, pragmatic mom, non fiction multicultural book for kids elementary school students, preschoolI See the Sun in China by Dedie King, illustrated by Judith Inglese [non fiction picture book, ages 4-10]

I found this series on line and asked for a copy and the publisher was nice enough to send me this book as well as I See the Sun in Nepal.  I have to say that I am very impressed with this multi-cultural series.  I have bought a number of non-fiction books on other countries over the years but none, and I mean NONE, have ever been embraced by my kids.  In fact, they still sit in our book shelves, lonely and taking up space.  Still, I hold on to them thinking that they will come in handy when my kids have a project. It hasn’t happened yet and it’s been over 5 years!

I See the Sun series is different in that it has layers upon layers of ways to engage readers.  By that, I mean, it has gorgeous illustrations that are in collage form mixing muted photographs with appealing softly rendered illustrations of people.  AND there is also a game embedded into each book.  In I See the Sun in China, there is a red lantern to spot on every page spread.  But wait, there’s more!

The series is bilingual.  Now, I am incapable of reading either Mandarin Chinese or Nepali, but it’s really fun and interesting to see the writing systems. And Chinese and Nepali are so distinctively different.  I think just seeing the different languages is a useful lesson in itself.

The story of I See the Sun in China is very well done and set in a village outside of Shanghai as well as in the city of Shanghai.  This movement from rural to urban is the story of China today, and this series does a very good job making the experience of living “a day in the life of a child” in that country comes alive starting from what they eat for breakfast to their mode of transportation.  And yet the story is simply told with about three dozen words on each page in a nice, big, easy-to-read sized font.  The font size alone would make this appealing to reluctant readers!

Finally, there is additional information for parents to read in the back as well as a glossary of terms.  All in all, this is a gorgeously illustrated and engaging series about another country.  I highly recommend it!

There is also I See the Sun in Nepal which is equally well done.  Search for the yellow kite on each page spread.  I am keeping this book for myself, but you can take a closer look at it at Amazon by clicking on the image.

I See the Sun in Nepal, multi cultural picture non fiction book for kids, pragmatic mom

To win either book, please leave me a comment.  The winner will be announced in a week.
If you state a convincing case of which book you want and why you need the book, chances are you will be the winner.

If you don’t win but want to check the book out at Amazon, just click on the image of the book.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Wow what awesome books. We love that you are so encouraging others to read. What an awesome idea. I need to figure out how to put something together so I can give wonderful freebi’s away! I would love to have these books for my children to add to their collection. Thank you for being so kind and sharing!

  2. Renee Richardson

    These are all great selections but I am really interested in I See the Sun in China. I love the fact that it is bilingual. I also love that my children can step outside of themselves and see what it is like to step into others shoes. Thank you for the amazing giveaway 🙂

    mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com

  3. wow those look like really good books. I love the title of the first one because it fits in with the humour and logic of my children. I think they both will like it.

    Books about other peoples cultures are real treasures. A little glimpse into other peoples lives inspires the kids to think more about the world they live in and their place in it. It is a great idea to do freebees and like the above poster said I wish I new of ways too!

    Thank-you for sharing these books with us. I will surely be looking for them in our libraries 🙂

  4. Callie

    These all look adorable but I particularly like the idea of Cows Can’t Jump b/c I like that it will improve self esteem. I especially would like to give it to my godson–He is currently obsessed with cows (and went to halloween as a cow) b/c of the book “cows in the kitchen”. I’ve love to give it to him.

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