T2Love long sleeve swing tee pragmatic mom friday find

T2Love Tees for Girls Who Must Have Really Soft Tees

Tactile Kids Who Need Soft Tees

My middle daughter has very sensitive senses.  True story:  when she was an infant she never slept though a single meal even if she was just fed, rocked to sleep by the car ride, and fast asleep at the restaurant when the food came.  The minute she smelled the food, her eyes would pop open. She also insists on wearing very soft clothes but this is just a [strong] preference, it’s not like she can’t wear say, a cotton polyester itchy tee that you as assigned to wear for your soccer game.

Now these are the ONLY tees that she’ll wear.  I found them on Amazon at a discount from the boutique in town that sometimes, not always, carries then.  T2Love failed to ship my local store their last order and to avert a crisis at home, I researched online and found these.  (And it’s harder than it sounds because the company name is very confusing if you don’t have the label right in front of you!)

And these are on sale because that is the only way I buy clothes!
T2Love girls softest tees Friday Find on sale Pragmatic Mom boutiqueT2love tees best price on sale pragmatic mom friday findT2love tees pragmatic mom friday find softest tees for girls everT2Love tee kids girls pragmatic mom friday find on sale very soft softest teesT2Love Girl’s Swing Tee, $24, regularly $32

T2Love girl's tank pragmatic mom friday findT2Love Girl’s Tank, $15 (size 6)

T2Love long sleeve girl tee, pragmatic mom friday findT2Love long sleeve swing tee pragmatic mom friday findT2Love Girl’s Long Sleeve Tee, $33. Also comes in Fuschia. (White, size 4; Fuschia, size 4, 6)

T2Love long sleeve snap tee, pragmatic mom friday findT2Love Girl’s Striped Cuffed Long Sleeve Tee, $31 (size 10, 12)
T2Love Hoodie Kids pragmatic mom friday findT2Love Raw Zip Hoodie, $43 (size 8, 10, 12, 14)
t2Love heathered tank dress pragmatic mom friday findT2Love Heathered Tank Dress, $20 (size 10 and 12)

t2Love shorts pragmatic mom friday findt2Love short pragmatic mom friday findT2Love Shorts, $21 (size 6)

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Melissa Boucher

    These shirts look great. My girls will only wear leggings so its nice to find longer shirt styles.


  2. Melissa Gulley

    This is a great post- I love these t’s, they are so fashionable and cute!

    • To Melissa G,
      Thanks so much! Now my daughter refuses to wear any tees but these AND she sleeps in them at night for pjs which just caused me to buy more for her, and hence the post.

  3. We have particular people here, too – Thanks for the great suggestion for soft-enough t-shirts!

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