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Ish! Children’s Book Author Peter Reynolds Creates Animation Software

A Mom Friend sent me this from The Daily Grommet. I only knew Peter Reynolds as a picture book author and illustrator and had no idea he also developed software, but I am such a fan of his books, that I’ll follow him anywhere!

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This Animation Software for children looks great for a rain-or-snow day, especially the kind when the kids are home all day.  A 15-day trial is free, so I am biding my time for when we get our first snow day — lots of snow in New England but only sticking on holidays and weekends!– and then I’ll let the kids play with it to decide  if it’s worth $60 for us to purchase.  My oldest is an artist so I am inclined to get it!  What do you think? Have you tried this yet?  Are there other “arty” software programs that you love for your kids?  Thanks for sharing as a comment!

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animation-ish, peter reynolds, ish, the dot, pragmatic mom, daily grommet, friday find

From Daily Grommet:

Get Creative, Be Happy

If kids are part of your life, you probably already know the work of Peter H. Reynolds. Peter’s simple, charming books — IshThe Dot, and Someday – encourage kids to be creative by teaching that what they make, “doesn’t have to be perfect, only perfect-ish.” His books are bestsellers and a favorite among kids, parents, and teachers alike.

Peter’s talent isn’t confined to the written word. He and his twin brother, Paul, co-own an educational software company called FableVision. Their most recent creation? A program called Animation-ish.

The program allows kids to indulge in “screen time” in a safe and fun way. (No advertisements or violent content – hooray!) The easy-to-use software lets kids make their own animated movies, greeting cards, websites, and presentations. The program is available to download, so you can buy it on a rainy day and get designing before the chorus of “I’m bored” reaches a deafening roar.

The program is packed full of more than 50 video tutorials and quick tips. Our 10-year-old tester was up and running in minutes – allowing mom some time for her own creative pursuits.

Cool Software + Happy Kids = Something Close to Perfect-ish. And that’s plenty good enough.

— Emily C.

What is it?

  • Easy animation software download for Mac or Windows
  • Requires Internet connection
  • Free demo to try before you buy

Three levels for learning:

– Wiggledoodle-ish – Draw, trace, and animate with 3 frames
– Flipbook-ish – Create animation using infinite frames and higher level tool sets
– Advanced-ish – A mover tool allows for more complex animations with foregrounds and backgrounds

Over 50 “Inspire me” video clips

  • Project Vault with drawings and starter ideas
  • A drawing tablet is not required but Fablevision recommends exploring Wacom entry-level drawing tablets for increased flexibility in your drawings

For a 15 day free trial, click here.  It’s $60 for home use.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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  1. A fun drawing & animation app for kids (& adults) on the iPad is the DoInk Vector Animator It was selected to the “List of Apps to Buy for the Holidays” This App was developed by the Boston company behind DoInk’s drawing & animation tools were selected to 3 “Best of Sites/Tools lists” in Education in November.–Great-Websites–and-More.html?soid=1102737359692&aid=bMPhm_5VuZY#LETTER.BLOCK14 Thanks!

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