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How to Raise a Reader

Happy New Year 2011!  I am resuming regular programming with my weekly Monday feature, Caught in the Act … of READING.  Many thanks to everyone who sent in photos last year of their kids caught in the act of reading and please, please, please keep them coming.  You can email them to me at (at) gmail (dot) com.  You know to take out the () and put in the symbols, right?

This week we have some cuties reading by themselves, with their older brother, with friends on a play date (most unusual for these sporty boys to be reading and not whacking balls around), and yours truly reading with my youngest when he was Star of the Week.  Enjoy!  And HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS!!!


Littlebug reading, caught in the act of reading,

This is from There’s a Book: Sometimes there’s a book that can transform a child’s world.  This is a great blog on children’s lit with constant giveaways!  This is LittleBug reading. She could not be any cuter!  What is even sweeter:  here’s her big brother, Turkeybird, reading to her!

Turkeybird reading to littlebug, 1st daughter, There's a book,, caught in the act of reading, pragmatic mom


designtrackmind, caught in the act ... of reading, pragmatic mom

This is a boys’ play date at DesignTrackMind‘s house (a.k.a. Melissa Gulley Interior Design — She’s the interior designer on This Old House as we speak!!!) . She would say that this is not a typical play date.  Ah… the power of Diary of a Wimpy Kid!  These boys are in 3rd grade.


pragmatic mom caught in the act of reading, diary of a spider

My youngest was the Star of the Week at Kindergarten.  One perk of this honor is having your mom (or another relative) come in to read a book to the class. My son chose two books, Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin — he loves all books by her — and 100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet.  I read just two pages from it:  botfly maggots that live under your skin and poo covered beetles. Yuck!  Both books were well received by his classmates who delighted in insect books that day!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Love your “Caught in the Act” feature! At tiger tales hope that we are publishing wonderful whimsical books that children will want to read again and again.

    One more game to add to your list — Phase 10 — it’s a great card game for ages 8 and up.

    Happy Reading,
    Elizabeth Bennett
    tiger tales

  2. It can’t be stressed enough how important books are for the education of childrne. More so in out t8ime of all these ejectronic gadgets which do nothing for the imagination of the kids.

  3. Ama

    Love this. Especially love the look of pure joy on your little one’s face in that last photo. Simply beautiful!

    • Thank you! It was so fun for my child to be Star of the Week! And you should have seen the delighted kids’ faces from reading about the Most Disgusting Things. (And the teachers! Both very different reactions!). The Botfly maggot is soooo disgusting that it makes the Poo Beatle look benign!

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