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Raising a Reader and How to Get Kids to Read

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of kids Caught in the Act … of READING.  If you would like go send me a photo, please email me at (at) gmail (dot) com.  I definitely need more photos.  This week, it’s been fun to see some of these kids caught in the act of reading again and again!  In other photos, older siblings are reading with their younger siblings which is so nice and rarely  happens in my house but when it does, it’s a moment in time that I want to freeze and keep forever. What are your kids reading and can you catch them in the act of reading?!


Caught in the Act of reading Pragmatic Mom Jacqueline Fineman Johnson

This from a reader,  Jacqueline, whose two boys read so nicely together!


eli and ellie reading, caught in the act of reading, pragmatic mom

My Mom Work Friend Lee told her Dad Friend about this weekly Monday feature, and he sent it in!  “My youngest son (he’s 4) reading to my daughter who is nine.  He is reading Floppy Moppy and it is a learn to read book.”  What a nice big sister he has!!


reading with Grandpa, caught in the act of reading, pragmatic mom

This is from my Mom friend Kim whose little girls were reading in their snugglies earlier.  I believe the snugglies were a gift from their grandparents! In this picture, their grandparents came up to visit and grandpa is reading to his granddaughters!  What great modeling and snuggle time!


Kevin reading with homemade glasses, caught in the act of reading, pragmatic mom

We met Kevin earlier here (Titanic) and here (reading signs while hiking). My Mom Work Friend Kathleen wrote, “He made his own glasses a couple of weeks ago. I died laughing when I walked into the room and found him reading his book from school (he’s in accelerated reading glasses at school, now up to 3rd grade level). I asked him why the glasses…he says that all the smart people wear glasses and read books :-)!!!”

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


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