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Cricket in Time Square:  Bok Club Activities for 2nd-4th Grade, 665 page views.

It’s true that my middle child is a high need child and she came screaming into the world this way. She has some senses that are extra sensitive:  smell, tactile and that je ne sais quoi of honing in on really great authors.  She’s an enthusiastic but picky reader in that she reads narrow but deep.  Her favorite authors include:  Cynthia Rylant (Gooseberry Park, Cobble Street Cousins series),  Sophie Blackall (Ivy and Bean series),  Sara Pennypacker (Clementine series), Garth Williams (just Cricket in Times Square), Sydney Taylor (All-of-a-Kind family series), and Roald Dahl (The B.F.G, Danny, the Champion of the World, and The B.F. G.)  Do you sense a pattern here?!

The Cricket in Times Square was one of her all time favorite books and she asked her teacher, Miss Brooks Loves Books (But I Don’t), for a book as good as this.  Her teacher would say, “Sorry, there really isn’t one but try Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web, or The Trumpet of the Swan.  None of these suggestions would work out.

In time, we did find more books to keep her happy.  She is loving all books by Roald Dahl right now and is surprised that Roald Dahl is only celebrated in England.  And she’s inspired to get a holiday named after herself here in the U.S.

I’m not sure why this post was so popular to be honest.  The craft, though, was fun.  We decorated cricket cages and gave the kids pet crickets from a pet shop.  They sell them as “live food” for lizards.  Enjoy this book, with or without the live crickets.  If you do want to do the project know that our crickets lived less than a week.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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