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Countdown to 2011: My #8 Post, RECALL: Corned Beef…

Countdown of My Top Posts

Recall:  Corned Beef (Libby, Kroger), Brushy Creek Shredded Beef and Corned Beef, 699 page views.

This has a funny back story.  I posted on recalls for most the year thinking that it would make it easier for moms to know about serious and dangerous recalls.  I’ve since stopped posting on them, but will give links to recalls through my Twitter and Facebook accounts (please use links on right hand column if you’d like to get updates that way).  So, this recall came around and I posted on it, same as normal.

When I was checking the links back to my blog, I noticed that a prison website has listed this post on their site.  This resulted in TONS of traffic for this post; I’m talking daily traffic of 15 hits or more.  I am not sure if the prison website is for a network of prisons around the country or geared towards inmates.  I’m thinking it’s for administrators of prisons.  Apparently, canned meats are a popular menu item and they must have a large store of them. I’m glad that they find this post useful!  I hope they like the Top 10: Reading Lists too!  🙂

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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