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Chewy Jewelry for Orally Fixated Kids from Kids Companion, 703 page views.

This also has a funny back story.  I can across this Chewy Necklace on Twitter and the company founders were kind enough to send me one.  It’s meant for special needs children who are fidgety, but I thought my oldest, who chews her nails down to the bone, would like it and maybe it would help her stop destroying her nails.  My kids fought over the necklace but my oldest won out — it was for her anyway!

So I posted on my success referring to this item as “Chewlery” which I must have seen somewhere on the brochure — I’m not that clever to make this name up!   Little did I know that there is a competitor with a similar product by this name who then “commented” and asked me to cease and desist using the Chewlery name in association with their competitor’s product.  So, the Chewy Jewelry company founders shot back saying that it’s not trademarked and stop being so pissy.  Caught in the middle of the battle, I just changed the name of my post, removing all mentions of “Chewlery” from it and it continues to get a lot of hits.

The founders of this necklace featured are lovely and I talk to them a lot on Twitter.  As for the other competitor, I have not heard a peep from them since that incident.

p.s.  The necklace really did help my oldest to stop biting her nails.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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  1. Lorna d'Entremont

    Glad to read that our Kid Companions Chewelry helped your older, nail biting child. Thanks for your support and post. Pierrette and I are truly amazed at the messages of support and testamonials for our chewable fidgets. When we added the blue circle choice to go with the black and white circles, parents of older kids who are biters and chewers of nails, clothes, books, hair, pens and pencils started buying them and our Kid Companions Chewelry took on wings of its own. We appreciate your tweets and retweets.

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