Countdown to 2011: My #5 Post; Caldecott/Newbery 2011 Potential Winners

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Caldecott/Newbery 2011 Potential Winners (from School Library Journal Blog), 754 page views

It’s funny how every popular post of mine has a crazy back story and this post is no different.  I had discovered — new to me ’cause I’ve been living under a rock for years — this awesome site, School Library Journal (yes, I seriously need to get out more often!).  I also had been tracking key words through Google Alerts and one of the words is “Newbery.”   So  School Library Journal posts this awesome post predicting the possible short list for the 2011 Caldecott and Newbery awards and I lift the post — yes, folks — just copied and pasted it right into my blog. (Sometimes this is easy to do in one fell swoop and sometimes it’s a painful mess where each paragraph has to be copied and pasted separately.)

Now, I did credit the author and track the post back to the source.  In the blogosphere, this is acceptable behavior.  Reposting is the sincerest form of flattery as long as you credit the real author.  BUT, I had no idea that it was actually A Fuse #8 Production‘s post who is PAID TO BLOG for SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL.  Turns out she’s an Über librarian with an amazing blog and a very nice person.  She emailed me to say “please take this down.”  Her issue is that since she is paid to write for School Library Journal, they technically own the post and they might not be flattered and happy about the poaching of the post — shocking, I know!.  I was in the back of my elementary school waiting at the pick up when I received this email and I panicked, raced home with kids, and removed the post.

But… it was such an excellent post that I emailed her back to ask if I could just list the books and link it back to School Library Journal.  She’s so nice that she said yes and it’s been a popular post because she’s really knows her children’s lit!  And her picks are dead on!  I bought a slew of her picks for my oldest who read every single one of them and pronounced them great.  A few were slow starts where it was an effort to get into the book, but she chugged through and ended up enjoying every pick.  I need to buy more books for my oldest and I will use this list!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I love that there’s a Newberry short list! I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing/linking.

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