Countdown to 2011: My #4 Post, Top 100 Young Adult Books for 2010

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Top 100: Young Adult Books for 2010 (ages 12-18), 798 page views

I track Top 10 and Top 100 lists that other people create on their blogs.  Usually, the lists don’t pertain to what I am interested in but every now and again, I find an awesome list of books.  But while the list of books is great, typically there are no images for each book.  I really like to see the image of the book because it helps me to find the books at the bookstore or library.  Plus, I like to link the books on my book lists to Amazon as there is more information on the book there including the feature to browse through a few pages.  And Amazon typically has the best prices.

Linking a hundred book is a daunting task though.  I do this in batches over several days with a goal of linking 25 books a day.  The process is:

— find the book at Amazon

— download image onto my hard disk

— upload image into my blog

— link it to Amazon by coping html code

— link the author to their website

— and a few other painful steps for SEO that you don’t want to know about

This takes a while and gives me what I think is the first stage of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  But it’s completely worth it when people come to the post and actually click around to check out the books, and hopefully find some new ones to enjoy.  I haven’t read much Young Adult lit yet; I read ahead for my 5th grader so I am looking forward to reaching this genre, finally!  And when I do, I’ll use this list.

p.s.  In the publishing world which I got a voyeur’s glimpse into when I attended KidLitCon 2010, I discovered that while the picture book market is sadly languishing, the Young Adult (YA) market is booming.  There were a TON of YA authors there and more at the wings, hoping to get their first books published.  I asked why YA is booming during a down economy.  Adults, they said.  Adults love YA lit as much as teens and ‘tweens.  YA didn’t exist when I was a tween or teen and it seems to be dominated by books with themes of werewolves (Shiver), vampires (Twilight and many, many more), ghouls (The Replacement) much more so than the angst-y of boy/girl issues book that you’d expect.  Is that teenage romance these days??  No one is dating a human anymore?  I’m so behind the times.  I’m looking forward to reading them all!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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